It’s been eight months since the release of the anticipated Spider-Man 2, and while fans had an abundance of fun, they are hungry for some DLC. With Spider-Man released in September of 2018, Insomniac Games was quick to provide fans with more to play as the City That Never Sleeps DLC was released a month after the game’s release. Fans expected a similar rollout with the second game’s DLC, but it’s been months and no word of when the DLC will be released. So it begs two questions, what exactly will the DLC contain, and when can fans expect to play it?

Why has there been no Announcement?

Insomniac Games has been under heavy fire since the release of Spider-Man 2, as they were the victims of a data breach in December of 2023 where a hacker claimed to have over 1TB of leaked files from Sony, including files from upcoming games developed by Insomniac.

These games included the upcoming Wolverine game, Spider-Man 3, and many more. Due to these recent leaks, Insomniac Games needed to shift their focus from Spider-Man 2 DLC and other projects to the Sony leaks. Insomniac Games released a statement regarding the matter:

What Updates to Spider-Man 2 have there Been?

The shift of focus to fix the leaks was an obvious ordeal, but soon after, fans were waiting for an update to Spider-Man 2. It took until March of 2024 for Insomniac Games to release an update to Spider-Man 2 that added quality-of-life improvements. These quality-of-life improvements included New Game+, Ultimate Levels, new unlockable Symbiote Suits, mission replay, changing the time of day, changing the tendril colors, and many more bells and whistles for the player to enjoy.

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Spider-Man 2 fans rejoiced and were pleased to finally be able to play New Game+ along with the other quality-of-life improvements, but it wasn’t long until Insomniac Games had to deal with another headache.

Peter Parker and Miles Morales swinging through New York in Spider-Man 2

What was in the Update?

As the new update patch was released, the developers accidentally allowed a feature originally accessible only to the developers. 

This feature allowed players to skip through story chapters, access cheats, adjust graphics settings, and worst of all, read about leaked DLC. Players weren’t allowed to play or access the DLC, but players were allowed to read through an entire arc of DLC.

Insomniac Games released a statement that accessing the development menu would corrupt and ruin saves, but it did not stop players from releasing the leaked DLC information.

When is Spider-Man 2 DLC releasing?

Three months have passed since the Spider-Man 2 update fiasco, and there has not been much word to Spider-Man 2 DLC. The only recent news about new Spider-Man 2 content is upcoming suits that are coming in an update. 

These suits include the Peter B. Parker Suit from the Spider-Verse movies, the Last Stand Suit, Miles Morales’ Animated Suit, and the Uptown Pride Suit (Miles Morales). These suits were originally in Spider-Man PS4 and Spider-Man: Miles Morales respectively, and are now returning in the upcoming Spider-Man 2 update. In addition to returning suits, suits designed by fashion designer KidSuper and others will also be included in the update.

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While the update provided new suits for players to swing around in, there has been no word on Spider-Man 2 DLC since the leak in March. Fans would need to wait for another statement from Insomniac Games when they can get an opportunity to play the Spider-Man 2 DLC. 

Spider-Man 2 is available for PC, PS5, and PS4.

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