Developed by Compulsion Games, South of Midnight is a dark modern folktale with an undercurrent of sorrow and horror. Labeled as a third-person action-adventure, you will play as Hazel, a woman venturing through the American Deep South in search of certain mythos existing in the fantastical land of the southern folklore.

Equipped with magical powers bestowed upon her after her homeland is besieged by evil forces, Hazel must go up against dark creatures lurking in the realm, and uncover the hidden mysteries leading up to possible answers about her family’s history.

Looking at the trailer alone, the dark undertones coupled with the stop-motion-like animation is almost reminiscent of a Tim Burton film – in a good way of course. Compulsion Games made a smart move to focus heavily on the visual aspects and what they represent rather than overtaking the first glimpse of the game with unneeded dialogue. For a sneak peek, check out the trailer below!


Also, the focus on the man playing the guitar while wild animals warily approach him begs the obvious question – is he a hero or a villain? Typically we associate someone who attracts animals as a positive force but we cannot know for sure. However, we do know he will be an essential character throughout the duration of the game.

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Not only that, but the game developers decided to base the premise of the synopsis on Southern folklore, combining realistic and fantastical aspects in a singular game. In order to make this as believable, and accurate, as possible, the developers recruited other members who also grew up in the South, as well as bringing in individuals well versed in the concepts and practices common in the South.

Obviously, there was, and is, a lot of effort being put into this particular game, and, just from the trailer alone, I am hoping their hard work will pay off and we’ll get not only a fun game to play but a knowledgeable experience as well.

South of Midnight does not have an official release date although it will be available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows 10/11.


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