Sony has officially announced their latest entry in the portable handheld market with Project Q during the PlayStation Showcase on May 24th, 2023 and it will be launching later this year. Thanks to a press release and Sony’s presentation, we know some details about this new portable companion to the PlayStation 5 hardware.  

Boasting an 8-inch LCD and running at 1080p at 60 fps, this new Q Handheld will also feature the adaptative triggers and haptic feedback that make the PS5 unique among other gaming consoles. The Project Q Handheld is being marketed more as a companion device to your PS5 than it is as a full-on portable console like Sony’s own PlayStation Vita from 2011. 

Additionally, Sony did say that consumers must own a PlayStation 5 console to stream installed games to this device via Remote Play, making this device locked to home Wi-Fi.

Announced alongside the Q Handheld, Sony revealed their first-ever official wireless earbuds for gaming which will deliver lossless audio with low latency for a high-quality audio experience. Like the Q Handheld, these new earbuds will launch later this year and be compatible with your PS5, PC, or mobile devices via Bluetooth. 

Hands Held?

Project Q

For the first time in years, the gaming market is seeing a massive influx of handheld devices to play modern games. Thanks to the massive success of the Nintendo Switch, Valve’s Steam Deck, and Asus’ ROG Ally, it was only a matter of time before Sony would cast their ballot in the handheld device field again. 

Given that Sony’s official headset is priced at $100 and the DualSense controllers are priced at $70, it’s not within reason that the earbuds will be priced at $100 on the low end and closer to $200 on the high end since most premium earbuds start at $100. As for Project Q, taking its hardware into consideration, we can likely expect the handheld companion to start out at $200 and quite possibly reach over the $300 price range. 

Although a release date has not been announced for both the handheld and earbuds, a Fall 2023 schedule would be a prime time for Sony to release both units since that is right around the holidays and if there’s anything gamers love the most, it’s new hardware for the holiday season. In the coming months, we will get pricing and release date information as well as if these devices are available to pre-order.  

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