Tails Was Given His Time to Shine When Trouble Struck During a Vacation Gone Wrong

2022’s Sonic the Hedgehog: Tails’ 30th Anniversary Special (by Ian Flynn, Aaron Hammerstrom, Rik Mack, and Reggie Graham) by IDW Comics puts the famous blue hedgehog in a heap of trouble! Sonic and Tails decide to take a vacation to a tropical island, but something has gone awry – the native birds called Flicky’s have been captured! When the boys try to make a difference and solve the problem by confronting Witchcart, Sonic gets captured! This leaves it up to Tails to use his quick thinking to team up with the Flicky’s in order to save their friends. Doing this allows Tails’ skills to be highlighted as he must now take on the role of the superhero to save the day. He has to think quickly and come up with a plan that will throw the enemies off of their game so that he is able to get to the lair where his friend has been taken.

Tails Is So Much More Than Just a Sidekick

In order to be successful, Tails has to come up with several plans on the spot and communicate these with the Flicky’s. He also has to direct the group overall in order to get the job done. What follows gives Tails the chance to prove himself in his leadership skills, showing that he can do well on his own. Tails is able to stand out in this comic not only through his leadership abilities but through his personality, which is really able to shine here. He’s clever and delivers lines like a true hero (I mean, he knows what a slant rhyme is and makes fun of Witchcart with that knowledge).

Tails and Sonic’s Strength Lies in Their Teamwork and Friendship

Tails truly feels like a character that can stand out on his own, rather than a silent bystander. He truly functions as Sonic’s partner rather than as his apprentice or sidekick. Both characters have a lot of wit and sarcasm, so the overall mood continues even when one character isn’t in a scene. That said, when they’re together, they come across as a perfect match and, more importantly, as equals. The ending really proves that the leadership of this duo could go either way. Sonic relinquishes control and lets Tails finish the job he started. Fans can’t help but feel proud of Tails as he successfully is given the chance to show his ability to be the hero!

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