Are you excited for the new titles making a comeback? Everybody bringing the excitement and the nostalgic back with the greatest hits releasing new games as mentioned on Summer Game Fest. One of the games that mostly stand out beyond the crowd was Sonic Superstars.

Bringing Nostalgic Memories Back with New Graphics

First of all, Sega seems to be bringing to the table all the days where we have sit on our Game Boys or Nintendo DS filling hours of gameplay. At last, Sonic Superstars is filled with 3-D graphics, brilliant colors and Sonic and his friends bring all-new Chaos Emerald powers. Taken from the trailers, Sonic is given the ability to go up waterfalls, multiply and change forms. Also, you play as your favorite characters; Amy Rose, Knuckles and Tails. Bonus: You can even get a exclusive Amy Rose skin by going onto their website and signing up by January 31, 2024.

Sonic Superstars -Annouce Trailer on Youtube.

Is Nintendo Switch the same platform as the DS?

In fact, Nintendo Switch is the new ultimate console out there. Besides Xbox and Playstation, Nintendo makes sure to stay Top Tier no matter what. Making gamers wonder if Nintendo Switch is the New 2-D platform. The console does include simulators in which you can pay to play all your old school favorite games, but what if Nintendo brings them back? In addition, some common game titles that are being brought to life are Luigis Mansion, Cooking Mama and among others.

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Can Sega be using this new release as a excuse to make up for past mistakes?

Lastly, Sega is mostly known for the Sonic franchise thats no secret. Also, the company has suffered trial and error due to its releases as in the designs for the Sonic movies. For instance, this led the Sonic community to demand a re-design. Consequently, it influenced the FNAF community as for the same inquiry. Last, this is something that is going down in our history books. Despite all, Sonic Superstars looks promising, enjoyable as it will be the first time to experience drop in and drop out 4 players campaign mode. The game was announced to be released in late Fall 2023.

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