Whenever we approach the launch of a new title, the biggest challenge someone usually faces is trying to avoid spoilers. Most games are not immune to this and Hogwarts Legacy is the latest to face concerns over early copies already out in the world.

Earlier this week, A Hogwarts Legacy Fan Account on Twitter account (Hogwarts Legacy World) posted a warning to their followers that copies of the game have been sent out early and are beginning to leak online. While reassuring their followers that they won’t be posting any spoilers on their page, they did encourage everyone to take the precautions such as muting certain keywords and setting their accounts to private for now.

Taking The Appropriate Steps To Avoid Spoilers

In this wonderful day and age we live in, it can be difficult to avoid spoilers. There have been plenty of posts by several users showcasing the combat of Hogwarts Legacy, the size of the map, and other aspects of gameplay.

If you are someone who did get a copy of the game early, please be respectful and do not post anything about the game. Not only could it spoil the surprise people want when they get to play the game, but you could see your posts taken down by the copyright owner.

Hogwarts Legacy
If you think the teachers at Hogwarts can be tough, try going up against the lawyers of Warner Brothers…

Those using Twitter can go to Settings and Support, Settings, Privacy, and then select Privacy and Safety. From there, you can select Mute and Block, allowing you to set up what muted words you want to have.

The good thing about the Mute Feature is that you can set up a duration for how long it lasts; so if you set it up today, you can mute the word or phrase for seven days (just long enough for you to get your hands on the game), and it will unmute itself automatically. You can also remove any muted words at any time.

Hogwarts Legacy launches on PS5, Xbox Series X|S & PC on February 10th and February 7th if you get the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition.

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