According to She-Hulk lead Tatiana Maslany, the Disney+ show likely won’t receive a second season. In an article from IGN, the actress gave her thoughts on the matter. When asked by podcaster NerdIncorrect on Twitch she said “I think we blew our budget, and Disney was like, ‘No thanks.” According to the same article, each episode of She-Hulk cost $25 million on average, citing the $15 million budget for Game of Thrones’ final season for reference. This is especially ironic given the significantly more grounded nature of the show. As such, the executives didn’t find the series providing enough bang for its buck. Despite the show’s reputation, several fans are probably disappointed.

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Why Won’t She-Hulk See a Second Season?

In addition to the reason given by Maslany, there are other reasons why She-Hulk wouldn’t receive a second season. One of the biggest reasons for this was how controversial the show was. She-Hulk received heavy criticism for its fourth-wall humor, pacing issues, heavy-handed messaging, and its VFX. Despite the costs joked about in the show, many viewers complained about how unconvincing the titular character was. Even worse, the show released at the same time as controversy surrounding Marvel’s treatment of its VFX artists. This probably added to the ire the show earned.

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What does this Mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe Going Forward?

Currently, this is yet another example of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s decline over the years. For example, shows such as Ms. Marvel and Secret Invasion have been tanking in ratings. Furthermore, the recent Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and The Marvels bombed at the box office, which would be unheard of years ago. Despite all this, the return of Jen Walters to our screens isn’t impossible. Because Walters is an established character, and the hook at the end of season one, there is a good chance she will return later. However, with the firing of Johnathan Majors, the future of the franchise is unclear.

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