On my first WWE Rumor Roundup article, I wrote about one rumor focused on Seth Rollins taking time off. A lot of people have speculated the reasons why he is taking time off. A lot of fingers were pointed at Rollins Contract Situation being why, but that is clearly no longer the case. The rumors were true that Seth Rollins is taking time off to heal from his injuries.

In fact, it is now confirmed that Rollins has recently underwent surgery to repair a Torn Meniscus. Now this is not coming from reporters like Dave Meltzer or Sean Ross Sapp, it is coming from Rollins’ wife and WWE superstar Becky Lynch.

Becky Lynch was on the Late Late Show and confirmed it herself word for word. Check out the YouTube clip below.

The big takeaway from that clip, is that apparently Rollins has been injured since January. It was clear that Rollins had an injury during WrestleMania 40 in both days he wrestled. The fact that this man has been wrestling with such a severe injury for multiple months just shows how tough and dedicated Seth Rollins is.

Is this the only injury Rollins has, probably not. Rollins for the past few years has had nagging back issues as well with his knee problems. Rollins surgery is going to take him out for at least a few months and he will get enough time to heal up from any other injuries he might have as well.

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As for Seth Rollins, we wish him the best in his recovery. We will be excited to see him back on our screens when he is 100% healed from his knee surgery and other nagging injuries that he has been dealing with. He has deserved it with the hard work he has put in the past few months in the Bloodline story.

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