Sega has announced they are turning back the clock by reaching into their vast catalog and remaking classics with today’s graphics with a neat trailer filled with references to classics that will be a part of this new initiative, such as Shinobi, Golden Axe, Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, and Streets of Rage, along with the classic Sega Yell, the company’s signature tagline in commercials from the 80s and 90s. The trailer features a glimpse of the gameplay of Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe, and Shinobi.

Sega Hits Shinobi and Jet Set Radio Returning

Sega is no stranger to re-releasing their games through compilations and occasionally reviving old franchises such as Streets of Rage 4, released in 2020. While we have had multiple compilations of Sega Genesis’s greatest hits, The official press release hints towards more games getting a remaster treatment. As a fan of Sega’s platformers and RPGs, I’d like to see Comix Zone, Phantasy Star, and Shining Force return. Comix Zone was a neat idea, taking a beat ’em up and putting it in a comic book-style setting. Both the Phantasy Star and Shining Force franchises are some of the most influential games in the RPG genre, using many mechanics utilized today. Giving those games a new coat of paint and updated mechanics to modern standards will be a great nostalgic trip.

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While we don’t have a concert release date, Sega plans on bringing these remasters incrementally throughout the next few years.

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