“So you want to be a pirate, eh? You look more like a flooring inspector.”

It’s been decades since that first cutting remark from LucasArts’ 1990 classic, The Secret of Monkey Island. But thanks to some intrepid work by Rare Studios, Sea of Thieves swashbucklers will soon make Monkey Island their next port of call.

This latest expansion arrives in late July in a three-part adventure called Tall Tales. Finally, players can meet legendary pirate Guybrush Threepwood, the lovely Elaine, or even ghastly Captain LeChuck.

Sea of Thieves developers wanted to explore different styles of gameplay. A previous reveal of a Monkey Island easter egg confirmed the player’s interest in the crossover.

The expansion is titled The Legend of Monkey Island. It refers to some of Guybrush’s earliest adventures. Players meet Guybrush and Elaine as they sail into the Sea of the Damned for their honeymoon.

Guybrush makes his grand appearance in Seas of Thieves

By following the ending of the third game, 1997’s The Curse of Monkey Island, the developers can reintroduce some iconic bits from the original games.

Also, players will solve puzzles presented in an aesthetic reminiscent of the original Monkey Island games. Even better, locations like Monkey Island and neighboring Mêlée Island can be fully explored.

Sea of Thieves’ first-person POV gives players the chance to see these famous settings close-up.

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So get ready! Part one of The Legend of Monkey Island expansion is scheduled to release on July 20th, 2023. Sea of Thieves is available free to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. The game is also available for purchase through the Microsoft Store.

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