Sea of Thieves is an open-world multiplayer adventure game, in which players set sail on the high seas in search of fame and fortune as pirates. As a classic staple of pirate fiction, the game features a wide variety of pirate-related activities, quests, and of course, cosmetics. Known in-game as Vanity items, some of the most interesting items are the various Curses found in the game.

Obtaining Curses

sea of thieves curse screenshot

Curse of Sunken Sorrow, as seen at night

Curses are awarded to players who gain Commendations (Achievements), usually for completing the longer quests known as Tall Tales. Each curse and how to obtain it is described below:

  • Curse of Sunken Sorrow: Unlocked by completing the ‘Curse of the Sunken Kingdom’ Voyage.
  • Curse of the Order: Unlocked by obtaining the Legendary Commendation ‘Fateful Memories’, earned by completing ‘The Cursed Rogue’ Tall Tale.
  • Shores of Gold: Unlocked by obtaining the ‘Seeker of Grand Adventure’ Commendation, which itself is earned by completing all Tall Tales. No small feat.
  • The Ashen Curse: Unlocked by obtaining the ‘The Blackwyche Reborn’ Legendary Commendation, which is earned by completing all Commendations for the ‘Heart of Fire’ Tall Tale.
  • Legendary Curse: This last one can be unlocked simply by purchasing it at Athena’s Fortune Shop for a whopping 500,000 Gold, and you have to have an allegiance level of 105 with the Guardians of Fortune.

Equipping Curses

sea of thieves curse gold

Shores of Gold Curse

Once obtained, any Curse can be equipped through the Vanity Chest, found commonly throughout the game.

Sea of Thieves is available for PC, Xbox One & Series X/S.

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