Hello there and welcome to the series where I go through the most disappointing video campaigns and rewrite them to have it make sense. This time around, we’re looking at Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season 2. Oh boy, Yeah this is an annoying one since the 1st Season which was freaking beautiful, while Season 2 was a disappointment. Was it completely horrendous? No, and it is a fine video game, but it could have been so much better.

It starts off well, but just falls off a cliff and the story at times just does not make any sense at all. Especially in the mid to later episodes of this season as the writing was not great at all and hindered the game at the end. Also, It was also clear that this game had multiple rewrites from Telltale, especially in the 2nd half of the game and it just felt rushed. I feel this game could have been a lot better if the writing/story made more sense.

So… let’s get into the rewrite.

Episode 1: All That Remains

The Walking Dead

Honestly, I would keep almost the entire 1st episode except for three changes. First, I would have the choice of burning the drawing of Kenny’s family actually matter. If you burned it, well it gets burnt, if you kept it, then it would be given to Kenny in Episode 2.

The second change I would make involves the character of Sarah. Now, in my opinion, I believe that Sarah is the worst character in this season. You can debate Jane (I was not a fan of her in this game) but Sarah to me is the worst. So in this version, Carlos does not hide how bad the world is to her but explains how she has not adapted well to the apocalypse (I’m trying to make her a stronger character).

The third change is to make the importance of the hoody character that was last with Christa and that hoody man having a ripped shirt. I will tell you why later. Besides that though, almost everything stays the same.

Episode 2: A House Divided

When looking at Episode 2 I honestly would not change much, until we get to meet Carver or his imposter name… George. I would then change the following:

First, when they leave the cabin, if you chose to go with Pete from Episode 1, I would have him be shown like in the actual game. However, when looking closely at the scene, Clem realizes that the bullet casings Pete found were the same ones seen by the River. This makes more sense as to how Pete was shown with bullet holes when he died and can be shown with a detail later in the episode.

Second, is making the choice of burning the Kenny Family Drawing matter. I would have Kenny say, “…the only thing that I wish is that I had a form of remembrance of my family. Like a picture or a photo you know”. In this case, if you burned it, we’ll make Kenny accidentally calling Clementine “Duck” a bit heavier and more emotional.

If you did not burn the drawing, then I would have the option of giving Kenny the drawing and we have Kenny happily saying “My gosh. You kept it. I saw the drawing while on the train.”. Kenny then rubs the drawing where he says “Duck… Katjaa… Lee…” and then he hugs the drawing.

Third, I would have the 400 days DLC characters get a bit more involved with this part of the episode. Instead of just Bonnie and Tavia being at the Ski Lodge trying to get everyone together and secure the building, I would have the determinate characters you chose in the 400 DLC to go with Carver come to Howe’s. Those that came, would absolutely have more of an impact on the story and roles in Howe’s Hardware. That would make sense instead of just 10-second cameos from all of them excluding Bonnie as she was a main character in the actual game.

Fourth and finally, I would have Nick die in this episode, no matter what. He should have been killed off in Season 2 and it would have made sense. No matter what, I would have the horde overpower Nick and he gets devoured by walkers.

If you did not have Nick admit that he killed Matthew to Walt, then when he is being devoured by walkers, no mercy would be shown and I would even have Walter shoot Nick’s leg, so he can feel more pain and say, “This is for Matthew, you son of a b****”

If you did have Nick admit fault and apologize to Walt for accidentally killing Matthew, then Walt will show mercy by shooting Nick in the head so, he does not feel pain. Walter would say to Nick, “I forgive you.”.

Besides those changes, I would keep everything the same way we got in the actual game we got.

Episode 3: In Harms Way

Okay, so now we are going to get into the real changes of the episode. First off, I hate how this episode started where we had both Sarah and Clementine outside of the van. I would scrap that intro and instead have them arrive to Howe’s Hardware and get the scene we got in the truck.

At this point, I would have Sarah start to show growth when she is tasked with fixing Carlos’s injuries. Carlos would say to Sarah, “You know. It was difficult for you to adapt to a dog bite (Referencing Clem’s Injury), but the fact you are not scared of fixing mangled hands, shows your understanding. I am proud of you.”

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We get into Howe’s Hardware and this is where I would keep most of the original. Except I would have Reggie say something different instead of “drinking the cool aid” like he does most of the time. A little like “After I let you guys out, Carver had every right to kill me. He did not need to save my life by cutting my arm off, but he did it anyway. I have to pay him back and prove my worth to him.” That would make so much more sense and give him a reason for why he prefers Carver.

So, at this point, we get to have the normal game and I would have Sarah get slapped like we got in the game, but not by Carlos. I would have Becca from 400 Days be the one that slaps her. Remember Becca had a line where she wanted “Sarah to stay gone” I think we could build that story here.

We get to the point of the Greenhouse scene where there cutting up branches, I would add Becca in the Greenhouse but have Reggie be in charge of making sure they are doing their job right. Obviously, Becca tries to sabotage and get Sarah killed and the reason why is that Sarah is the one that contributed to Shell’s death who I would have being killed because Sarah pushed her into Walkers when her group left. With Shell’s death of course Becca became strong, but more evil as Carver took a liking to her and helped guide her.

Becca tries to sabotage Sarah but it doesn’t work because it ends up getting Reggie killed. Carver decided one chance was enough and throws Reggie through a glass door before pushing him off the roof. I would even keep the line “Weakness, incompetence, it puts us all at risk”. A stunned Becca is then staring at Carver, Sarah along with Clementine seeing a small horde of Zombies start to eat Reggie’s corpse.

We now get to the talk with Clem and Carver and I would keep most of it the same. I would make a change though in Carver’s reasoning why he killed Reggie and there are two reasons. First was his true form of punishment being food for the zombies after he was given a chance, yet blew it again and again.

The second reason is that he wanted to test the horde as it is starting to grow and he wanted to see if he can make it shorter by sacrificing traitors to shorten the herd. So, basically, he is getting the group he captured and if they make one more mistake he will make no exceptions (excluding Mike, Jane, Kenny, Sarita, and Clem).

After hearing that Clem starts to get worried, but due to Troy busting the door and forgetting to bring equipment for the expansion, Carver sends Clementine to give the stuff as Troy is a bit dense but super loyal to the cause.

This is where instead of just Mike and Kenny being there, I would throw in Carlos & Sarah as well where we have both of them treating some of the injured as that small horde heard the construction and attacked 400 Days Characters, Wyatt and Russell. This is where we get some zombie action. Once that is done, implement the Luke scene we got in the game.

Instead of Luke saying “I snuck in when Troy wasn’t looking”, I would change it to, “During the past few days I managed to obtain Troy’s keys which he dropped and I unlocked all of the doors in his sector for the past few hours.” After Luke has that talk with Clementine the next task is to give the radio.

Troy shouts to Clementine to stop hiding and get out in the open. I would have Clem then get a choice when you see Troy to either A) give the keys back to him, or B) keep the keys for yourself. If Troy gets the keys, he says “Thanks Clem, I was wondering where they were”.

Then we get the whole scene of Clementine getting the radio, and I would keep it the same way that it was done in the game, except, Becca finds out Clementine’s plan as she has been sneakily watching her which eventually leads to Luke getting captured. Becca gets praised by the 400 Days crew (excluding Bonnie who they never got along with and it showed with the ending of the 400 Days DLC).

The rest of this episode is good and I would not change much. I would even keep the same way Carver got killed in the actual game as it was very gruesome. There are two things I would change. First is the impact of the keys. If you kept Troy’s keys, then there is a quicker escape, if you didn’t steal the keys then the escape is slower.

The second change involves Carlos’s death. Of course, Carlos gets shot and devoured, but the person taking that shot in my version is the 400 Days character, Becca. She was aiming for Sarah, but he sees it and takes the bullet himself which ultimately results in his death.

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Episode 4: Amid The Ruins

Okay, so before I dive deep into this episode I want to get the biggest change from the episode and probably the game out of the way. First things first, no Arvo’s group. Yes, I would scrap Arvo and his entire group in this game as they felt so much like a last-minute addition and they felt a little rushed. I would replace them with survivors that managed to escape Howe’s Hardware who are of course going to be the 400 Days Crew who are trying to find the group for killing Carver.

So, same results in the beginning of the game, except Sarah decides to hide in the bushes, instead of running away. I would actually have Clem navigate through the horde where we get to save members of the group. Including Rebecca, Luke (I would have Jane try and find Luke as her number one priority), and a distraught Sarah. This is where we have a choice to either go in the horde to get Carlos’s body or leave him behind. If you go back I would actually have it be an addition to get a quicker regroup with the group with more members added.

The rest of the episode we will have the crew regroup at the Civil War Museum and I would keep almost everything at the museum the same from Kenny and Rebecca’s water breaking. Of course, since there is no Arvo’s group I would change the Jane story to include 400 days character, Wyatt who is trying to seek shelter since Howe’s fell and we find out Wyatt has been bitten.

We have the choice to put him down or to get intel on what happened to the others until Vince dies. As for the Mike and Bonnie stuff getting water and jackets for Rebecca, I would keep mostly the same. BTW Jane does not leave the group when Rebecca’s baby is born and sticks around.

Now the horde is coming and the Luke/Jane relationship stays the same, instead of being a one-time thing, it can be further developed. We end the episode with the 400 days group including Becca, Vince, Russell, and Tavia catching up with the group and wanting to take all of their things including Carver’s baby.

That of course does not happen and of course Rebecca dies but is starting to turn and to end the episode I would have either Clementine kill Rebecca, or Sarah becomes the one that kills her instead of Kenny for Character growth. Of course, the episode ends in a cliffhanger gun battle…

Episode 5: No Going Back

We start off with a fight where we have the gun battle and instead of the deaths happening off-camera, I would have everything happen on-screen. Clem wakes up with many people shot including Mike, Bonnie, Vince, and eventually Luke being shot and then he makes the move of killing Russell. Bonnie realizes that she knows Tavia, Becca, and Russell longer and tries to play peacemaker to get them to stop, but it does not work.

The way Luke gets shot makes sense when he goes for the baby, but only if Clementine already has the baby. Russell gets an angle on him and shoots Luke in the leg. Russell dies by Kenny shooting him. But with Luke injured Vince straight up runs to kill Jane, but with Tavia having a machine gun almost everyone tries to get into cover.

An injured Luke who was shot in the leg comes to save Jane as he throws his machete which wounds Vince. I would have that hit Vince in the chest and Jane delivers the killing blow using a sharp nail file to kill him by stabbing him in the gunshot wound that Vince suffered earlier in the battle.

Tavia gets killed as the gunshots start drawing walkers and she gets devoured. I actually think it would be cool to see this as it shows that the Walkers do react slowly and I would throw in a line from Sarah saying “The Walkers are here, that must be the slowest I have seen Walkers come when gunshots are fired.”

Becca gets captured realizing that there is no way out and becomes the Arvo who is captured and this time Becca states that there is a hidden stash of supplies that we were going after until we saw you. I can take you there and there is even baby food there as well. In the aftermath of the battle we have the group badly injured and giving their condolences to Rebecca and paying their respects to her.

The gang travels to the lake and I would have Kenny & AJ get across the lake, but I would have Becca punch Luke’s injury and run back in the lake and go straight for Clementine and I would have a nice battle where it seems like Clem is about to die. Until Sarah stabs Becca in the Neck sort of like Jane did to that Russian guy in Arvo’s group. But in doing that the ice breaks where Sarah, Becca, Clementine, and Bonnie fall into the river. This is where I would give Bonnie the death that Luke got as she saves Sarah and Clem avenging her lie at the Ski Lodge.

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We will have Jane take the role of dying on the frozen lake and not Luke. In my opinion, Luke’s death in the game was the most asinine death in Season 2. Not in the Series as Season 3 or A New Frontier came out and it literally was an absolute disgrace to the series.

As both are back to safety, Kenny and Luke run to the Lake saving both of them and they run to the house to get warm. This pisses Luke off as he and Jane had a relationship. Mike is angry that Kenny was foolish to trust Becca and calls Kenny a loose cannon that can’t think right.

This is when they regroup and search the house where the food is limited, but they have enough for the baby to survive during the trip to Wellington. The bare mention of Wellington has led to Luke, Jane and Mike not being happy as they don’t think it is real anymore, thinking Kenny is too far gone and delusional.

Luke mentions the idea of maybe going back to Howe’s, where many disagree with going back with how big the horde was, but makes great points saying “… yeah the horde may still be there, but it has probably cleared up with the gunfights we have had, that is a sure thing of medical supplies, food for us/the baby, shelter, and is a lot more of a sure place then Wellington is.” Mike especially doesn’t agree much with that and tries to talk sense to Kenny who is trying to get the truck started which he eventually does.

The argument gets worse and it results in Kenny planning to leave tomorrow depending on who’s choice that many want to deal with. It is at this point Bonnie and Mike decide to try and take the truck/food with them. At this point, we hear Mike say to her “Cut the S***, lady”. Clem of course wakes up with this and is not happy when she sees a beaten-up dead Jane. Then she realizes that Mike has a familiar tear to his coat and Clem notices that Mike is the hoody man that last saw Christa in Episode 1.

This gets Clementine to point the gun at him and say “You… You were in the woods with Christa and you attacked me and her”. Mike would say, “Yeah it was me and my group that you attacked you. We were doing fine until you guys came around and we lost men. Carver’s gang including Bonnie here tracked us and eliminated every member of my group, excluding myself. So I did what every survivor does and we adapt. I knew Carver was going crazy and locking up strangers who were useful, so I joined up prepping for my revenge. When I realized you were also at Howe’s too, that was an added bonus.”

Clem would keep asking where is Christa as you chased her and I heard a gunshot. This is where Mike says, “We got caught up with Carver’s gang and Christa ran past the gate, don’t know what happened to her, but because of your foolishness I lost the people I was close with from the beginning.” Basically, now his plan is to kill the people close to Clem including Kenny, Luke, Sarah, and hell maybe the baby. This is where we get a huge fight between the whole group with everyone against Kenny. We get to see growth when Kenny and Luke start to work together, Sarah steps up doing what she can to protect the baby (AJ).

There is now a chase scene where the goal is to kill Mike. I would have a nice gun chase battle where Mike has the choice to kill one of them and since he wants to save Clem to kill last. Now there is a choice to choose to save Luke or save Kenny from Mike who has Luke’s Machete and will stab one of them who eventually bleeds out.

Whoever doesn’t die contributes to Mike’s death when Clementine shoots Mike and falls down the mountain where he dies, avenging Christa whose fate is unknown, but in Season 3 she will make an appearance. Kenny or Luke will have their final words and I would throw both giving praise to each other.

If you saved Luke, Clem, Sarah, and AJ go back to Howe’s. If you choose to save Kenny, then Sarah, AJ, and Clem go to Wellington.


So that is how I would have written Telltale Walking Dead Season 2. This one the story is clearer, Sarah has great character growth, the 400 Days DLC Characters get a better ending, and I would have many well-developed characters. How did I do? Did you like how I rewrote this Season? Let me know in the comments section.

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