Are you ready to save Ashley once again? Gamers have taken on the challenge of re-living their childhood memories with the newly re-mastered Resident Evil 4. As you may have noticed, it is all over the streaming platforms, Twitch and the internet. What’s more, real fans of the franchise are going far and beyond in daring hardcore mode. Therefore, uncovering Resident Evil 4 is “scarier” than the original. Also, finding out how exasperating Ashley truly is. 


First of all, did you know Resident Evil started before the 2000’s Resident Evil must have crossed your path if you enjoy survival horror and shooters. Above all, it started as BIOHAZARD in Japan in 1996. Present day, is one of the largest best-selling video games. Especially 4, considering that it is one of the most memorable works. 

Resident Evil: Remake

Although Capcom is known for making remastered versions, with RE 4: Remake they captured the attention of both old and new fans alike. The new changes were welcomed and much needed. Capcom re-mapped the controls, re-wrote the story and drastically changed some layouts in the map. All the while, keeping it real, giving it that B-movie aesthetic.

Resident Evil: The OG

In spite of being a beloved classic, Resident Evil 4 did make some of us cringe with Ashley and the graphics. It featured yellowish lighted areas, enemies looked a bit flat and a world made of basic shapes/lines. Ashley had a health bar and was shown to be in her teenage years. Nevertheless, the game received a lot of love and hate from the community. 

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Character : Leon Then/ Now

Most loved guy on the internet? Well, Leon, that is! True fans have gone as far as making a game MODS, where the iconic character is shirtless. Now that we have your attention, in the new remake Resident Evil 4, Leon has been improved to look breath taking. They enhanced his facial features to look more mature and suited to his profession. Capcom made sure to keep the ideal Leon attire and personality. 

Character : Ashley Then/ Now

Now for the grand finale. Ashley Graham. In addition, to STILL being the most frustrating aspect, Ashley received a make-over and gained the ability to slightly crouch and hide while Leon is left to do the dirty work. Unlike her OG teenage model, she appears to look older, roughly in her 20’s. The health bar is completely gone and replaced by a cooldown meter. As per real fans, they still wish for Ashley to defend or assist Leon. She’s often compared to Sakura from the anime series, Naruto

Featuring Twitch: OOOhYeahCastingCouch Game Review:

Lastly, the game has brought old and new players together. As we asked a few players, Twitch: OOOhYeahCastingCouch, Doug and Matt. New player, Doug, explains, hardcore mode is a great challenge but overall, an enhancing experience. Per him, he comprehends why Ashley is a frustrating character, experienced in gameplay, rating the game 8/10. Enjoys the performance/ graphics and smooth controls. On the other hand, Matt, an old player, experienced the nostalgic moments of RE 4 OG. Per Matt, welcomes the changes, appreciates how Ashley was handled and the new enemies’ appearances. He explains, hardcore is very rough but rather enjoyable, rating the game 9/10.  Looking forward to playing more of the franchise and what Capcom has in store for future games. 

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Resident Evil 4 Remake is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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