Two down, one to go. We survived through the village, the castle, and the mines. The end of Resident Evil 4 is near.

With Leon following closely behind Ashley’s relocation to a deserted, industrial island, we can conclude that the end is looming in the not-so-far distance. A brief cutscene of unresolved tension between our beloved protagonist and Ada ensues in which nothing really happens. Come on game developers. The tension is palpable between those two but the end result will be all the more sweeter when they finally decide to do something about it, I’m sure.

Now comes the most terrifying portion of the game. Your rifle will be your best friend. Oh, and a bunch of grenades and some magnum bullets too. You’ll thank me later.

Infiltrating The Island:

The Island. The final location of Resident Evil 4.

The island starts off with a plethora of slightly quicker zombies quickly accosting Leon with the new addition of a deadly force. Dropping down from a higher platform is a rather large individual bearing a machine gun with a neverending supply of ammunition. Depending on how full your health meter is will determine how quickly he takes you out. If you wait for him long enough, he laughs maniacally, which kind of threw me off when I first heard it.

If you can spare some bullets, the magnum should take him out pretty easily. Just make sure to time your shots right so you don’t get snuffed first.

After this, there are lots of regular enemies to go through with a much smaller supply of treasures to find. In this area, you should look out for a golden sphynx barricaded behind a cluster of rocks blocking the path. It needs three jewels to be complete so look out for those as well.

The Regenerators:

Skipping ahead to the more horrifying aspects, Leon gains entry to a rundown building that appears to be an abandoned hospital. One of the rooms Leon enters to get to the next section features a cutscene of Ashley locked in what seems to be some kind of jail cell. The intentions of the zombies that show up seem suspicious and . . . unfriendly. I won’t detail what I believed happened but I don’t think what transpired was good at all. As much as I don’t care for Ashley, she didn’t deserve that.

Anyway, moving on.

Leon makes his way to an operating room with a strange creature resting on a hospital bed behind a glass screen. We instantly know we’re going to have to fight it.

Before that though, there is a note left by Luis (RIP) that briefly details the abilities of the regenerator residing in the other room. Long story short, it has an incredibly fast and efficient metabolism that allows it to regrow limbs at an alarming rate if they’re ever shot off for some reason. They’re not particularly fast, though they can jog toward you on occasion, but that’s not what you need to be worried about.

You can tell you’re in the general vicinity of one by the eerie music, the raspy breathing from the regenerator in another room, and its utter nonchalance to almost anything you throw at it.

So, after reading the note, Leon picks up a key card resting on a decomposing corpse when a crash can be heard from outside. The automatic door slides open and there’s the regenerator. I remember when I watched my older sister play this for the first time and our immediate response was to shoot its legs off.

Big mistake.

Cursed with naivety at our young age, we believed we could simply run past it while it stayed on the ground but we got the biggest shock of our lives. Like a worm on steroids, it violently thrust itself upwards with a strangled groan of some sort, slowly moving towards us. Immediately, my sister paused the game and we all screamed.

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We were horrified.

The good news is you can just throw a flash down and leave since you never have to go back into that room again. But, if you want the 5,000 pesetas it drops, there are a few ways you can go about this. Ideally, you can leave and come back with the appropriate weaponry in order to neutralize it, use the weapons you currently have, or use your knife.

They all work but some methods work better than others. If you don’t feel like coming back, you can use a couple of your incendiary grenades and a regular grenade to significantly injure it. Then you can use your other weapons if you wish.

Just an FYI, there’s another regenerator around the corner of the room when you exit so tread carefully.

The best method is to leave the area and enter the room the key card can be used in. Directly to your left upon entrance is rifle ammunition. That should give you some kind of hint. Check in all areas for some health and swap out your key card at the machine inside the room adjacent to the entrance. Then, turn off the cryogenic device to obtain a special item that you can attach to your rifle.

Well overdue payback

As soon as you do, the doors will lock and a regenerator will drop to the ground and make its way toward you. I recommend moving as quickly as you can to the entrance, attaching the Infrared Scope, and getting busy. Upon use, the Infrared Scope allows you to see the plagas located on the body of the regenerator. They will glow red. Eliminating all of them will kill them completely. On normal mode, there are only three on the front. In professional mode, you’ll have to shoot its leg off and get the one on its back.

Oh Yeah, Ashley:

Don’t be surprised if you forget why you’re even here because I definitely did at times. The next part has lots of normal enemies and a limited amount of ammunition so I hope you’ve adopted a more conservative attitude.

After x amount of hours, you should finally come across where Ashley’s being kept but, low and behold, you need another key card to get her out. And, of course, it just so happens to be on a spiked regenerator suffering from a severe case of turrets, called the Iron Maiden. If you get too close, it violently extends the spikes protruding on its body and stabs Leon in multiple places so using your knife on this one wouldn’t be the wisest decision.

Fortunately killing it is run-of-the-mill but it can throw a lot of people off because of how deranged it looks. After that, check the surrounding area for goodies and seek out the merchant as well as an additional cutscene some can miss.

Getting reacquainted with Ashley

Now, all that’s left to do is navigate back to Ashley and release her from her prison. At this point, you kind of forget what it’s like to play the game with her there. I often underestimate how much harder the game is when I have to protect her but they can’t make the game too easy, now can they?

After this, there are lots more enemies in cramped spaces, at least four more regenerators, and riding on the back of a tractor that Ashley conveniently knows how to operate for whatever reason.

Meanwhile, a brief interaction with Lord Saddler, who we haven’t seen since first meeting Ashley in the church, ensues which leads to Ashley being captured again. Writing in agony due to the plaga Lord Saddler is controlling inside of his body, he barely manages to attach a tracking device on her before they disappear.

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Following their departure is one of the most entertaining portions of the gameplay for me.

“Been A Long Time, Comrade”:

There are so many things about this fight to love, namely the heavy reliance on using the knife instead of projectile weapons. It’s a clever way to show their level of skill without saying it outright.

Krauser’s sinister yet badass voice, formidable physique, and exemplary skills easily make him a force to be reckoned with. Not only that, but after being infected with the plaga in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (2009), his speed and strength are greatly increased, and you can see that here.

Regardless of which console you’re currently on, your reflexes need to be on point because one slip-up will lead to your demise. I know the dialogue is tempting to focus on but you’ve gotta watch the prompts at the bottom of the screen.

At one point, they both move to a lower level and land on their feet with their backs to one another. Then they both look back at each other at the same time, indicating that they are on the same level whilst their fighting styles are slightly different.

I think this part was excellently made and managed to accomplish many things in the span of a couple of minutes. You can well imagine that you’ll have to fight him at one point so it’s imperative that you pay attention because there was some serious foreshadowing going on.

It . . . Not Pennywise Though:

Lord Saddler is such a good host and his hospitality skills are impeccable.

Not wanting Leon to be left unattended, he wants to indirectly introduce him to It: a centipede-like sort of creature that also looks like a strange combination of a scorpion and a human.

I think Pennywise would’ve been better.

What makes this boss fight so scary is the first part of the fight happens in three cages suspended over a cliff. You’re basically trapped in a small area with this thing and you have to make it to the next one before the rig drops. This is the only actual difficult part.

When all three rigs drop with the creature on it, the second part of the fight begins shortly thereafter. If you have enough ammunition, you can just equip your magnum and shoot until it’s dead or you run out of bullets. Whichever comes first.

When It’s health bar reaches a certain level, it’ll burrow underground and try to get you from down there. I can’t help but compare it to the Scorponok from the first Transformers, but the fleshy version.

Kind of fun overall but we can move on now.

“Prepare For Your Death, Leon”:

Finally, we get to the actual fight with Krauser. This fight is extremely easy if you know what to do. Restocking your inventory of ammunition and health is pretty much guaranteed with the sheer amount the game developers put in this one section.

I’m not complaining though.

The best weapon hands-down to use against Krauser is your knife. Try to get him in a corner or have your knife ready in front of you and slice him when he gets near you.

It’s as simple as that. To get to the next part, you’ll have to gather three insignias spread across the different levels and, of course, Krauser has the last one. His metamorphosis during the final stand gives him a bit more protection but you can bypass his defenses pretty easily.

10 to 15 slices later and you’re on to the next section.

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“Sorry. Bad Traffic. I’ll Cover You”:

Mike’s sudden appearance is the epitome of perfect timing. Originally meant to receive support earlier in the game, Leon finally gets some help from a colleague who does a beautiful job of clearing out the immediate area crawling with zombies.

Regardless, what you’re left to deal with on your own is pretty annoying. However, if you take cover for long enough, Mike will actually take out 2 of the men on the fixed machine guns so you don’t have to. The mobile one is on you.

Like always, check around for money and bullets

This sad reunion comes to an unfortunate end when Lord Saddler orders a subordinate to take down Mike in his helicopter with a rocket launcher. RIP to Mike.

You were a real one.

Something’s Not Right:

And last but certainly not least, it’s Leon vs Lord Saddler.

Leon was able to get Ashley back due to some assistance from Ada and they were both able to destroy the plaga growing inside of them. Now all that’s left is to destroy the leader and get off the island.

This fight is pretty standard but there are a few weak points to focus on to stand any chance of injuring him. Remember those grenades I told you to preserve at the start? Now is the time to use them.

Throwing the grenades directly beneath Lord Saddler will cause him to slump to the ground, leaving his eye completely vulnerable. You can either climb on him and stab him with your knife or use your magnum. I’m not sure what the amount is on Normal mode but it should take approximately 6 rounds of this pattern on Profession mode before Ada gifts you with a rocket launcher to finish the job.

With Lord Saddler defeated, Leon approaches the corpse and grabs the virus left behind only for Ada to intercept your actions. Fleeing to her helicopter, she starts a timer to some bombs set up around the base of the island, trusting that Leon can get out well before then. She does decide to be nice and tosses Leon a set of keys that go to a jet ski.

Thanks, I guess.

Everything turns out okay in the end though. I can’t help but laugh at the gall of Ashley on the return ride home. I’m not going to relay what she actually suggested so I’ll just say that Leon prefers Ada and even Hunnigan over her. I respect her for shooting her shot though.

With that said, the game is officially over and they can finally return home. As recognition of your hard work and dedication to the gameplay, the game gifts you with the Matilda, a rapid-fire handgun that can hold up to 100 bullets at a time but can go through ammunition pretty quickly.

Definitely a great experience and there’s a lot more to it I didn’t mention simply because there’s a lot of information out there. Besides, I can’t spoil everything for you. Resident Evil 4 is certainly a fantastic game. But in the end, I only have one very important question:

What happened to the merchant?

The Resident Evil 4 Remake is set to release on March 24th and will be available on Xbox Series X/S, as well as PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.


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