With previews for Double Masters 2022 nearly complete, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at some reprints we (likely) won’t see in Double Masters 2022.

Esper Sentinel

Printed in 2021’s Modern Horizons 2 set, Esper Sentinel quickly became a staple card for most decks that run white. It is an especially useful card for those white decks that lack other sources of card draw. Its price reflects just how sought after it has been ever since it was released. This card has only been out for about a year and is already hovering around the $20 mark in price to pick one up. If we don’t see a reprint soon, that number is sure to keep climbing.

Smothering Tithe

This is one of those cards that is so good that if your deck has the color white in it, you are running this card no matter what. I opened a foil one of these while I was doing the Ravnica Allegiance Pre-Release and at the time I had no idea I had just hit the jackpot. Along with poor card draw options, white was also lacking a significant ramp card until Smothering Tithe came along and changed that. It didn’t take long for the price of this card to shoot up and unless it gets a reprint before the end of the year, expect that number to only go up. Edit: Well, Wizards of the Coast shut me up. Smothering Tithe will indeed be getting a reprint in Double Masters 2022 and get the borderless treatment as well!

Fierce Guardianship

Hey, did you know that free counterspells are pretty good? Yeah, turns out that if you print a brand new, free-to-cast counterspell, people will want it. With its only printing coming in Commander 2020, it didn’t take a savvy Magic investor like Rudy to figure out that Fierce Guardianship would become an expensive, highly desired card in no time at all. Decks that run blue love to counter things, so Fierce Guardianship desperately needs a reprint so those blue players can more affordably make the rest of us despise them.

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Rhystic Study

This card was technically just “reprinted” not too long ago in a Secret Lair drop, however, those don’t always help bring down the price of a card, and Rhystic Study just won’t stop asking your wallet if you’re going to pay the one. This card has been in a majority of blue decks since Commander/EDH first started being a thing and it will likely never stop being in them. You may very well hate this card and I can’t blame you but that doesn’t mean it should be a $30 card when so many blue decks want to have it.

Torment of Hailfire

Originally released in Hour of Devastation, which was…oh…really…it’s been five years since that set came out? Excuse me while I go have an existential crisis for a moment…Okay, I’m back. Torment of Hailfire being on “The List” wasn’t enough to keep the price of this card down. If there is one thing black decks like to do it is torture you throughout the entire game by making you discard and sacrifice cards and Torment is the coup de grace. A proper reprint along with some spicy new art would be ideal for this card.

The Meathook Massacre

This has been one of those cards where the best time to buy one was yesterday because the price just keeps going up. I have been looking at picking one of these up ever since Innistrad: Midnight Hunt came out but had a hard time justifying spending so much on the card. I was hoping the hype around it would die down and the price would fall as well but that just doesn’t seem to be the case with this blackboard wipe. It would be nice to see this card get a reprint but it’s unlikely since it was just released not too long ago.

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Deflecting Swat

The creative ways I’ve seen this card used in games of Commander are exactly why it is so popular in most decks that have access to red. At worst, it’s a three mana instant with a really good effect. At best, it’s that same really good effect but free to cast. Much like Fierce Guardianship, putting a powerful card like this in a Commander pre-constructed deck was sure to spell doom for the affordability of this card.

Terror of the Peaks

I sure do love me some dragons and Terror of the Peaks is a…peak dragon…I apologize for nothing, accept my terrible puns. While I use this card in my Dragon Tribal deck for the great effect and flavor, I’ve seen it used in plenty of red decks that don’t particularly care about dragons. Its last effect is very abusable and is the reason it sees so much play in Commander. If it wasn’t for being a part of Core Set 2021, this card would surely be even higher priced than it is already.

Finale of Devastation

You want to win a game in the most “green” way possible? Finale of Devastation is how you do it. If you’re playing green, there is a high chance that you have more mana at your disposal than anyone should reasonably have. This is the perfect card to pump all that mana into and finish off the opposition. Unfortunately, the card doesn’t come cheap, so here’s to hoping for a reprint soon so my green brethren may turn big creatures sideways for the win.

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The Great Henge

I begrudgingly bought this card after trying to convince myself that it wasn’t good enough to justify the price at the time. While I will finally admit that the card is very good, I still don’t think it should be a $50 card. This card does quite a bit of work in games of Commander but it shouldn’t be doing so much work on your bank account.

Medallion Cycle

A while back I got on a kick to start building a mono-colored Commander of each color and was wildly irritated by how much the Medallions (Pearl, Sapphire, Jet, Ruby, Emerald) cost. I opted against buying them at the time because I figured with my luck that I would buy them and then they would finally get reprints soon after. But it looks like I was wrong. With the amount of Commander products Wizards of the Coast has been pumping out the last few years, I’m really surprised these haven’t been reprinted yet.

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