As we are all living in the wake of 2023’s COD Next, now seems like the perfect time to take a bit of a walk down memory lane. These are some of the best moments from last year’s Next. Let’s see how last year’s moments compare to what we just witnessed.

1.) Opening Trailer (starting at 29:58)

Nothing makes an audience feel more excited than a trailer. This one, complete with epic music and stunning gameplay, adds to the anticipatory energy of the event. This being the first piece of content after the countdown makes it feel like it was a moment worth waiting for. There was something so exciting about it.

2.) Helicopter!!! (Starting at 1:13:42)

Hearing the panelists talk about how the mechanic works, especially the loading a squad into the helicopter truly made me excited to see more about it. They were even joking around about the ways enemies could still attack, adding more energy to the moment. This was a true example of how the right people can get a crowd excited. I think the unmistakable joy in their voices made it so that everyone watching felt the urgency of how exciting this feature is.

3.) Introducing DMZ (Starting at 1:20:02)

Just hearing the word “sandbox” had me jumping up and down. Any game that is willing to add features that contribute to an amount of player creativity will always impress. Being able to define win conditions makes for exiting gameplay as well. Like the last moment, the passion and excitement when describing the features and enemies was tangible.

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4.) New Mode! (Starting at 1:42:29)

What’s more exciting than “new?” Knockout mode is here and the live demos were so exciting to watch. Jack getting destroyed right at the beginning was a good moment to get a reaction as well. Overall, this mode had a lot of new things and it was exciting to watch them explore it for the first time. Seeing the live reactions added to the community feel, and everyone could get excited for this new mode together.

5.) Mobile Gameplay (Starting at 2:33:14)

It was so cool to see how much went into the mobile gameplay! Hearing from Matt Lewis was exciting, and it added to this joy of finally getting the curtain pulled back on all of the new things coming to the COD world. Finally, knowing the nostalgia factor for more seasoned players is exciting in an of itself. After all, nostalgia hype is some of the best hype there is. Seeing the gameplay definitely made me want to try it out for myself!

Let us know in the comments how you feel these elements have held up one year later!

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