There was a leak months ago about a possible Red Dead Redemption 1 remake. Still, it might have been shelved due to the bad reception to the Grand Theft Auto Definitive Edition, or more staff was needed for GTA 6’s development. However, There is the possibility that the remake would undergo development after the release of GTA 6, and this article will explain what the potential remake will need to accomplish to make a great remake of the original game.

Spoiler Warning for Red Dead Redemption 1

The Usage of The Journal

One of the newly added mechanics within RDR2 was having written entries in Arthur’s journal after almost every mission, including how Arthur and John felt about the side/main missions they completed. The journal gives the player great insight into how Arthur feels about the missions he completes, and in the remake, it would make sense for John to use it to record his thoughts. It would make sense for John to use a journal in the remake since he used one during the epilogue of RDR2.

There was a stark contrast between Arthur’s and John’s writing and illustrations. Arthur had finesse in his entries, while John looked less refined, and his drawings looked childless compared to Arthur’s illustrations. However, when we play Jack Marston, who is a very great reader, we can have him write and draw very similarly to Arthur. It would make sense for Jack to write and draw better than even Arthur because it would further showcase that Jack is meant for the life of litteratrice and humanitarian arts rather than being a gunslinger. It would be a nice addition to Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead Redemption


In both games there was a time jump in both games, but in RDR2, our actions had a stronger consequence than in Red Dead Redemption. The narrative between John and Jack would be stronger if there were side missions that John was in, which involved him helping people, and when we play as Jack, we can see these side characters interacting with Jack.

It would be amazing if we saw one of the legendary gunslingers in RDR2, Black Belle, appear in RDR1 as a bounty mission specifically for Jack. Additionally, it would be great to see some legendary gunslingers like Red Harlow and Bart Love appear in the remake. These gunslingers could appear in a side mission involving Landon Ricketts, which would add another layer to the lore of the RDR universe. We should see some missions with Jack and John, maybe the two could be hunting a deer, and it could be Jack’s first kill, just like God of War.

The Map

If this idea was implemented, it would be going above and beyond, but maybe have a few more regions on the map that would expand the game’s original size. I wouldn’t ask for all of RDR2’s map to be included, but I would suggest having the rest of West Elizabeth available with the town of Strawberry. Additionally, if the map was expanded, we should see some locations in Mexico with a different environment to create more variety on the map. There should be more animals in Mexico that are native to the region, which would make hunting feel different than RDR2.


If a Red Dead Redemption remake were to happen, how would you like it to look like? Would you have a similar Wishlist as mine, or would the remake you have in mind be different from this list? Tell us below in the comment section.

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