Ranking the Summer Games Fest Shows

The Summer Showcases

The summer games showcase kicked off with Sony’s State of Play, followed by the Summer Games Fest Live and the Xbox games showcase. Shortly after, Ubisoft forward premiered and Nintendo Direct closed out showcase season.

Ranking the summer games fest shows

We are now nearing the end of June, which means showcase season is ending. This year we had every major showcase from all the top publishers including Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Ubisoft and the Summer games fest show itself.

While each showcase had something unique to offer, some delivered more than others. Here are our official rankings of the biggest summer games fest showcases.

5. State of Play: The Sony state of play kicked off the summer showcase season back in late May. The state of play left many disappointed due to the lack of first party presence. There were only two first party games announced at the show Concord the hero shooter from Firewalk studios and Astrobot the mascot platforming game by Team Asobi. Astro bot has seen fantastic reception by critics and fans alike with the gameplay presentation.

There have also been glowing previews from some lucky few critics who have praised what they played so far. Unfortunately, Concord had the Polar opposite effect, many feel burned out by the constant bombardment of live service titles and hero shooters.

It also did not help that in the same showcase Marvel Rivals was announced to be coming to PS5 this year, talk about bad booking. In any case the state of play was indeed underwhelming, here’s to hoping we see some more first party announcements sooner rather than later.

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4. Summer Games Fest Live: The actual summer games fest showcases which has been trying to fill the void left by E3 has often been criticized for its lackluster pacing and under deliverance of big titles on a yearly basis. It is not for lack of effort though; Geoff Keighly has partnered with a staggering amount of third party publishers who need a platform to debut upcoming titles. This showcase, however, was also a bit underwhelming.

Many of the things shown were updates to games we already knew were coming out such as, Sonic x Shadows generations, Alan wake 2 DLC, Dragon Ball Sparking Zero and more. This is not to say it is a bad thing to get hard release dates for existing titles, but when compared to other showcases this summer Geoff Keighley’s summer games fest live simply does not compare.

3. Ubisoft Forward: One of the better surprises to come from this summer showcase season was the Ubisoft Forward showcase. The big highlight was Star Wars Outlaws which at this point is one of the most anticipated games out there. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time remake is also coming in 2026 to the delight of many although we got no gameplay at this show.

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Assassins Creed Shadows had a gameplay deep dive to give us a look of the dual protagonists and the world of 16th century Japan. Overall, this was a fantastic show for Ubisoft with much to look forward to in the near and far future.

2. Nintendo Direct: The Nintendo Switch is in the final stages of its life. This will be the last holiday season where the switch is the only Nintendo console on the market so how would Nintendo close what has been a wonderful chapter in its history? The only way they know how with a lot of Mario, some Zelda and even Donkey Kong to go with third party surprises.

Super Mario Party, Jamboree, The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of time, Mario & Luigi: Brothership, Donkey Kong Country returns HD highlight the first party showing from Nintendo. To say that fans were surprised would be an understatement. Other than of course Mario Party which always helps to close out a Nintendo console’s life, none of these other titles were remotely expected.

A new 2.5D Zelda game where you play as Zelda herself, a beloved Donkey Kong game ported from the Wii and 3DS to the Switch, and the first new entry in the Mario & Luigi series in over 9 years. Nintendo is going to finish this console off the way they started, with spectacular games across the board.

  1. Xbox Games Showcase: Xbox is the winner of the summer games showcase season and it is not particularly close. The sheer amount of first party content alone would have gotten them the win but to add on third party content like Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater? This was maybe the best Xbox show ever and I do not say that lightly. Some of the biggest titles include: Doom: The Dark ages, Black ops 6, Perfect Dark, Gears of War E-Day, Fable, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater, State of Decay 3, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle and so many more games. All the gameplays shown looked very promising even for titles with rumored development trouble like Perfect Dark. Xbox has been in the headlines for bad reasons a lot lately, between the layoffs and direction of the brand they needed a win like this big time.
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