If you’re a nerd like me, you always watch DVD extras. So, you know that the creators of the Indiana Jones franchise place special importance on each film’s creepy crawly scenes. Each unique and frightening in their own way, some tend to creep us out just a little more than others.

5. Eels and the Dial of Destiny

“Most are small. Sometimes they are big. Two meters.” -Renaldo

With a rise in thalassophobia, creators behind Dial of Destiny put a watery spin on the main man’s infamous fear of snakes. While more dangerous than other films’ creepy crawlies, these anguillids aren’t really doing it for me. The lack of lighting makes it hard to tell what’s going on, and the diving suits cut off verbal communication, so no screaming.

Despite dozens of these freaks swarming the ship, everybody escapes unharmed. If you happen to be afraid of things you can’t see in the water, this might make you shift in your seat. Other than that, this aquatic scene is pretty forgettable. Maybe sharks would’ve been a better call.

4. Rats and the Last Crusade

“He never would’ve made it past the rats. He hates rats. He’s scared to death of them.” -Indiana Jones

Why were these catacombs full of petroleum and connected to Venice’s sewers? We may never know. We do know that Steven Spielberg bred and trained rats specifically for this movie. I get where Henry Jones Sr. caught his murophobia from, but ultimately, this scene isn’t really creepy.

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Most of what we see is a bunch of happy little rats running around while Indy and Elsa Schneider try to avoid stepping on them. Personally, I prefer hearing River Phoenix scream his head off while covered in snakes.

3. Siafu(Driver Ants) and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

“Big damn ants! Go!” -Indiana Jones

I know this is a controversial ranking, but hear me out. Hearkening back to 1954’s Them!, along with the rest of the movie’s cheesy B-movie references, this mostly wordless scene is completely dominated by these ants. In addition to the unique logic of them avoiding the skull, they are the only creepy crawlies in the Indiana Jones series with a kill count, having swarmed two soviet soldiers.

Don’t tell me you weren’t scared seeing Dovchenko scream through a mouthful of ants. Double scary watching these oversized ants pull a World War Z and form a living tower to reach Irina Spalko’s boot, which is a REAL THING ants do. Yeah, make fun of the CGI now.

2. Snakes and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

“Indy, why does the floor move?” -Sallah

Why did it have to be snakes? Because while making the first film, Spielberg read a list of the most common fears, with snakes taking number three, and Indy’s fear was set in stone. After poor attempts with mechanical snakes, they opted instead for 10,000 real snakes and harmless glass lizards to flood the room.

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Even though Sallah clocks them as asps, they’re not the most prominent in the scene. Ophidiophobes will remember the famous cobra that hoods up with Indy and Marion Ravenwood in parallel shots. A bone-chilling sequence follows, featuring a Burmese python slithering out of a skull(that’s gonna leave a dark mark!) while skeletons try to grab Marion.

1. Various Bugs and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1984 (screen grab) Kate Capshaw CR: Paramount Pictures

“That’s no cookie!” -Short Round

Described as the hardest to work with of any film, the bugs in Temple of Doom escaped in droves each day on set. These losses would end shoots and require producers to order more constantly. By the last shooting day, they only had about 25% left. The rest probably invaded the nearby ecosystems and civilian areas.

Black-headed centipedes, whistling cockroaches, harlequin beetles, etc. I gotta be honest. As an entomophobe, I probably would have let Indy die. Willie’s Scott’s paralyzed expression at that Malaysian stick insect on her hand is absolutely grounded. You wouldn’t catch me dead pulling that lever.

Did we miss any of your favorites from the Indiana Jones franchise? Dial of Destiny’s CG critters? The Temple of Doom dinner scene? Alfred Molina covered in tarantulas in Raiders of the Lost Ark? Leave a comment and let us know!

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