Quentin Tarantino is arguably one of the most iconic filmmakers in American cinema particularly due to his artistic viscera and Hollywood obsessed iconography. His use of non-linear storytelling portrays otherwise dark characters using eclectic dialogue and vibrant story development (usually non chronologically). Here is a list of his films from worst to best.

Once upon a Time in Hollywood

I know some people may disagree however, the film Once upon a Time in Hollywood was a bit boring and long drawn out. Tarantino’s use of dreamy Hollywood figures from the 60’s conjures up nostalgia but the storyline didn’t leave a lasting impact on me. I was expecting more of a realistic portrayal of Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie) in her actress days instead of the fantasy-revenge plot line centered around her murder. Tates’s character is portrayed solely as a ditzy starlet obsessed with the way she looks onscreen while nothing else interesting is revealed. Rick Dalton ( Leonardo Dicaprio) and Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) also did not have the most exciting dialogue, their portrayal of 60’s Hollywood actors was uninteresting and could have used some more action.


In Deathproof, Hollywood stuntman and psychopath Mike likes to take women for car rides that end in their demise. He walks away unharmed each time as the bodies pile up but faces a challenge when he meets a group of fierce girls who challenge him.Tarantino quoted the movie as his worst film particularly due to the filmography against the rest of his other movies. Like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Deathproof lingers on for a while without interesting dialogue or climax between the characters. It also doesn’t help that the movie is broken up into two parts, the first about the villain and the second about the heroins which can distract from the story as a whole, losing viewers in the process.

The Hateful Eight

A group of bounty hunters find themselves stuck inside a cabin in Wyoming during a blizzard in The Hateful Eight. The setting itself creates tension and sets the mood for a great plot, especially when one of the bounty hunters is transporting a dangerous female criminal. The film however, dragged on far too long, (2 hours and 55 minutes to be exact). The storyline was great and the movie still got good enough reviews, but we were stuck watching all the action play out from a confined stagecoach in the first half and a single room in the second.Tarantino is great with spaghetti westerns and his actors breathe life into his writing, however you can’t drag on a film for more than 2 hours (unless it’s a star wars film) and expect audiences to stay engaged.

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Reservoir Dogs

6 men are hired to carry out a robbery and manage to escape unharmed after a shootout with the cops in Reservoir Dogs. They are now faced with an unfortunate reality, someone amongst them is not to be trusted once they realize they have been set up. Unlike The Hateful Eight which should have ventured out of the single room, the film could have improved if the movie just stayed in the warehouse instead of cutting to scenes to introduce each character and thier pseudonyms. It actually ruined the thrill of the film whenever the suspenseful warehouse scenes were cut and random introductions were thrown in.

Django Unchained

Django teams up with Dr.King Schultz to detain the Brittle brothers and together they also manage to capture big time criminals in the south in Django Unchained. They find themselves in front of Shady Calvin Candie’s mansion one day where Djangos wife is being held as a slave. Django is filled with gunfights, hilarious dialogue and not to mention, some pretty good drama. The action packed film keeps viewers entertained throughout and maintains a linear storyline of a bounty hunter who tries to rescue his wife from a plantation owner.

Jackie Brown

A flight attendant finds herself in the middle of a dilemma, face jail time for smuggling money for her boss or possibly be killed by him if she confesses about his crimes to the police. She ultimately decides to con both parties and run off with the money. The story gets even more interesting when Max who plays the bondsman, falls in love with Jackie adding a touch of romance to this otherwise edgy film. Jackie Brown is an exciting story with an even better plot, creating yet another successful Tarantino film with a woman as the main character.

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Kill Bill Volume 1

One of Uma Thurman’s most iconic roles yet, Kill Bill Volume 1 tells the story of a former assassin known as “The Bride” who must exact revenge on those who hurt her. On her wedding day, the bride’s ex attempts to murder her and she falls into a coma, finally waking up four years later and thirsty for vengeance. She comes up with a hit list and devices a plan to murder all those who contributed to her losses. Kill Bill Volume 1 is an action packed masterpiece with several odes to previous martial arts films like Fists of Fury, 36th Chamber of Shaolin and The Five Venoms. She even wears Bruce Lee’s outfit from his final project Game of Death, an arcade movie that influenced fighting video games. This film alongside Pulp Fiction introduced us to Uma Thurman’s badass personality we grew to love. If there is one thing Tarantino is good at, it’s creating the perfect female assassin/heroin.

Kill Bill Volume 2

The Bride makes a comeback in Kill Bill Volume 2 to finish her hit list and most of all, track down Bill. Thurman continues to dominate the franchise with her cool and intimidating demeanor and martial arts moves, led by a thirst for vengeance. I thought that Volume 2 was even better than Volume 1 as it has some pretty cool action sequences and not as much violence, making it a great sequel overall. The plot just gets more intense as The Bride narrows down her hit list, leaving us with a bittersweet ending.

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Inglourious Basterds

Officer Lt.Aldo Raine trains jewish soldiers to attack and kill Nazi’s using violent methods in Inglourious Basterds. Tarantino manages to use film to carry out the fantasy vengeance on the Nazi’s which makes for an entertaining plot. In one scene, hitler was killed in a movie theater which is akin to rewriting history, only cinematically. Inglourious Basterds got great reviews and rightfully so as it was one of Tarantino’s favorite guys-on-a-mission film with amazing actors. Brad Pitt who plays Lt.Aldo Raine gave a stunning performance of the films main hero, even Christopher Waltz gave an amazing performance for his role as Hans Landa, the main villain in the film. The film is one of Tarantino’s greatest fantasy revenge plots and really conveys the power of cinema like Tarantino stated.

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction by Tarantino

Appearing out of chronological order, Pulp Fiction tells 3 stories about the lives of mobsters and business men through eclectic dialogue and heavy violence. It has won numerous awards and inspired many films to use some of its elements in their own storyline. You are able to rewatch this movie because both the plot and non-linear structure make for an exciting story while the films nonchalant attitude add to the cultural vibe. There were several themes throughout the film like karma and redemption in each subplot which make the film all the more entertaining. Lastly, Uma Thurman and John Travolta’s “Twist” dance scene is legendary as it contradicted the world both the gangster and gangster’s wife came from and introduced an element of joy.

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