After 20 seasons and counting of grueling Battle Royale gameplay, Fortnite players can now finally see more than just a crown as a reward. That’s right. Bust out the back blings, equip your most absurd emotes, and climb up the ranks. Ranked mode in Fortnite is finally here.

Ranking System – Ranks, How it Works, How to Climb, & More

Starting in Fortnite V24.40, both Battle Royale and Zero Build will now have a ranked option. For the first time, Fortnite players can climb the leaderboards with hopes to earn the coveted rank of Unreal.

This is how Ranked will work in Fortnite

Rankings (Bronze – Unreal)

  • The eight ranks are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Champion, and Unreal.

To climb anywhere in between Bronze and Diamond, you’ll need to climb up three ranks. For example,

  • Bronze I to Bronze II to Bronze III to Silver I to Silver II to Silver III to Gold I to Gold II to Gold III and so on and so forth!

The same does not apply to the later ranks of Elite, Champion, and Unreal. For those rankings, there’s no second or third tier, only one. So, that, on the other hand, would look more like this:

  • Elite to Champion to Unreal

In fact, once a player hits Unreal, they’ll stay for the rest of that ranked season. Next, that player will receive a number signifying where they stand among other Unreal players globally – like a top 500.

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Grouping Up in Ranked Mode

When playing with friends, your team’s rank placement as high as the highest-ranked player on the team. Even if you’re Silver II, if your friends with Gold III, matchmaking will place you in Gold III games. According to Fortnite‘s patch notes:

  • Teams will be treated as a single unit.
  • Teams will gain and lose progress equally based on team eliminations and team placement.

Zero Build vs Battle Royale

Since the addition of ranked mode, players may now have a zero build rank and a normal battle royale rank.

At the moment, Battle Royale Ranked only supports these three game modes:

  • Solos, duos, and squads.

Zero Build Ranked Mode will only support:

  • Duos.

How Ranking Up Works

A player can quickly climb ranks by eliminating opponents, completing Ranked Urgent Quests, and generally, sounds crazy I know, but bear with me here, staying alive.

  • Eliminations
    • Not only is the rank of the players you eliminate taken into account, but eliminations earlier in the game won’t count as much as eliminations later in the game.
  • Match placement.
    • Like always, it pays to be the last man standing.

Differences in Gameplay

Considering this update, Fortnite players can expect a few minor changes such as:

  • Slight increase in harvesting rates.
  • Materials will now max out at 500 instead of 999.
  • Players only drop 50 of each material when eliminated.
  • Ranked Urgent Quests
    • Introduced this season, these are quests assigned right after you jump out of the battle bus in Ranked mode. Complete these for some seasonal cosmetic rewards.
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Though if anything remains true it’s that Fortnite giveth and Fortnite taketh away. Check out what was vaulted below.


  • Fortnite Arena Mode
  • Trios

Both game modes are now vaulted as part of the V24.40 update.

After becoming an Olympic sport, you’d think Fortnite might take its foot off the gas. Right? Wrong. Once again, Fortnite gives its players a breath of fresh air; offering us a new perspective on their classic game.

Fortnite is available on PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One & Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch

Ranked Mode is available on May 17th, 2023.

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