Earlier this year PlayStation announced Project Q. A handheld gaming device that can stream games via Remote Play from the PS5. It was announced during the PlayStation Showcase in May 2023. This adds another big unique accessory to the PS5 lineup.

Though we are a few months away from an official announcement of what this device is going to be called, the price point, or even a release date, there was a leak posted on Imgur showcasing the console in all its early stages. Now keep in mind, this is a leak and there’s going to be a lot of speculation from now until the official announcement. But this is something that we noticed while we kept an eye on the leak. 

Let’s start off with what we know about Project Q. During its announcement, all games that are installed on the PS5 (excluding VR titles) can be remotely played via WiFi. Next is that this portable console has an 8” HD LCD 1080p (hopefully) screen. Hopefully, this can compete with the Steam Deck’s 60 FPS screen or the ASUS ROG Ally’s 120 FPS screen.

Last and the most standout of them all, the DuelSense 5 controller splits down the middle and holds the screen like a pair of Joy-Cons from Nintendo Switch. The split DuelSense 5 has both haptic feedback and adaptive triggers just like the controller for the PS5.

From remembering the reaction of this when this was first announced, a few Twitter and YouTube comments were comparing it either to a Nintendo Switch or even the Wii U’s gamepad screen.

Now moving on to July 22nd. We have our first unofficial look at the console. Posted on Imgur, we have a video and a few pictures of the leaked console. Twitter user @Zuby_tech first posted this.

The first big thing about this leak is that looks like the device is running an Android OS. You can see all the current home screen action with the Android home buttons. The video shows that the controller buttons do work as well as the device itself is a touch screen.

In the next part of the video, we see the Andriod menu screen though the person in the video doesn’t press on the apps, we can somewhat speculate it. Though the apps are in Japanese, we can make out some of the apps that are already pre-installed. The first one is some sort of PlayStation App. Maybe it could be the PlayStation OS software for when the project gets released.

Next, we see an app that (I believe) that says Test App with some Japanese to the left of it. We see a few more apps that are either Andriod-related or battery related. Next thing the video shows us are the different early stages of software apps like the Photos or Video app.

After the person in the video goes back to the home page, they turn the console around to showcase the back of the handheld. It looks like the casing is going to be long from the start of the controller to the other end as it’s holding up the 8” screen in place.

On the last screenshot, there’s not much to say as it is the shell without the home screen, analog sticks, and shoulder and adaptive triggers.

Now the question begs, when will we see an official release date or time frame of release for this handheld streaming console? With the official announcement being sometime in late 2023, we can expect it from at the earliest late October/November to late December. Until we can get an official announcement showcase, everything has to be taken with a grain of salt.

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