Gosh, I can’t believe that we are almost in March. Where has the time gone the best part about March is that EA Sports PGA Tour will be released soon, and I can’t wait. With the release coming closer and closer, we got more news regarding EA Sports PGA Tour, which involves pre-ordering the game.

If you Pre-Order EA Sports PGA Tour right now, you can get Madden 23 for free.

PGA Tour and Madden

Madden 23 John Madden cover

This is a pleasant surprise, and it makes complete sense for EA to offer it. You know this would attract others to Pre Order EA Sports PGA Tour, especially as Madden has greatly depreciated its value now that the game is six months into its release cycle with the NFL season over.

Now looking into it Getting the Madden Game will be a bit different for Consoles

  • PlayStation & Xbox Users: Madden 23 will likely be an automatic download to the account, but if it is not, it can be manually downloaded for free
  • PC Users: Pretty much have to download it manually no matter what.

If you’re a fan of Madden and didn’t get Madden 23, this is even more reason to pick up EA Sports PGA Tour. The game is EA’s return to the links for the first time since 2015 when they released Rory McIlroy PGA Tour to mixed reviews.

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EA Sports PGA Tour looks to be set up for a strong release with 30 licensed courses included at launch and a full multiplayer suite that appears to be more in-depth than the competition PGA Tour 2K23 offers.

EA Sports PGA Tour will be available for PC, PS5, and Xbox X|S on March 24th, 2023

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