Following Nintendo’s reveal of the next generation, we dive into our most wished for features

1: Similarities to Arceus

Following the release of the more experimental spin-off title Arceus, many fans (myself included) felt that many of the additions went to great lengths to shake up the all too familiar formula to great effect. Minor changes render the gameplay far less groan-inducing, from being able to catch a ‘Mon right away with battling to battles no longer suffering from loading screens which broke up the tempo of gameplay. Keeping these streamlined methods would go down a treat with fans, after many feeling that Sword & Shield didn’t evolve the franchise as greatly as they should have. Go all in.

2: Taking a Leaf out of Black & White’s Book

For many fans, Black & White was either the death of the franchise as we knew it or the grand re-invention it so direly needed, depending on who you asked. I for one fall into the latter camp, applauding how well the series took to true 3D for the first time and the lengths it took to establish itself as a fresh take on the formula, such as the bold decision to soft reboot with the Pokedex including only new ‘Mons with no old favorites to be found (before beating the league, that is). This approach, coupled with Black & White 2‘s choice to employ an older protagonist could go down an absolute treat indeed.

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3: Follow Me!

Fans have been clamouring for years to have our Pokemon companions follow us wherever we go, yet recent offerings have only seemed to offer half-measures. Soul Silver & Heart Gold got it right almost thirteen years (!) ago, yet we’ve only seen the feature appear in remakes (Let’s Go! Pikachu & Eevee, and Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl) and relegated to only the DLC areas in the most recent offerings of Sword & Shield. Nintendo should pull the trigger with zero restrictions, letting us take a stroll with any of our Pokepals from the very offset.

4: Starter Typings

It’s become somewhat of a meme following the third generation that every Fire type starter is due to become a dual fire/fighting hybrid, and the number of dual type starters has increased with every release. In the last FIVE generations, the only two fully evolved single types are Sceptile and Serperior. Is it too much for me to ask for my precious Sprigatto to remain just a grass type so I don’t have to worry about all the extra weaknesses dual typing provides? Probably.

5: True Open World

As impressive a showcase as they were, being the first official Pokemon generation on a home console (technically) fans were expecting a bit more in terms of graphical fidelity. Fields and plains were sparse, and trees lacked important detail and shadowing, making them look like a relic from the Nintendo 64 era in the process. In this vein, the team at Game Freak really need to kick it up a notch, from fuller and more expansive surroundings to a greater degree of picture quality. Following yesterday’s announcement that Scarlet & Violet will be the first true open world Pokemon (complete with 4 player co-op!) these developments seem all the more necessary. Blind us with your majesty, Game Freak!

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