E3 is one of my favorite events to have happened years again as it is a time that we can see all the video games/conceals that will come. I used to be super excited almost every single year growing up. There, unfortunately, has not been an in-person E3 since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and it is a bummer. It was expected that E3 was going to return in person for 2023. However, it may not be worth it with the recent news that PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox will not participate in E3 for 2023.

Xbox Opts Out Of E3 2023

Xbox Games 2023 (3)

When looking at why Xbox is not involved, it makes sense. If you don’t know, Microsoft owns Xbox, and if you have not noticed, there are financial issues surrounding them. Just look at the layoffs with them and have already set goals to tighten the economic issues. One way they chose to save money is not to be part of E3, an expense Xbox and Microsoft do not need right now.

Nintendo Won’t Be On The Show Floor

For Nintendo it is more of a strategic move with why they are not involved. They have presented their projects through Nintendo Direct for the past few years, which took them long enough for them to do and keep doing instead of expanding it through E3. Plus, looking at the schedule for video games, the second half of 2023 has a lower release schedule and is more on the light side. So there is no need to go in person for E3 this year.

PlayStation Is Skipping E3 Again

For PlayStation not being in E3, it is not the most surprising out of the bunch. Remember, in 2019, PlayStation decided to drop out of E3 2019 due to disagreements with Entertainment Software Association (ESA). From the sound of what happened, I would be surprised if PlayStation gets involved with E3 again when the PS6 release date comes. It probably will be until late 2026, but time will tell.

This sucks as one of the significant parts of E3 is the involvement of Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation (Even though PlayStation has not been involved for years). Yes, there are game previews that are attractive to watch, but those can easily be found on YouTube or in previous announcements. Getting news from the consoles during E3 is a big deal, and Losing the main three is a big blow.

Honestly, I am skeptical about E3 this year. These three biggest attractions, Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation, all pulled out, and I would like to know if they can economically hold the event with their considerable sponsors/involvements pulling out of the event. It will be a wait-and-see, but I am optimistic that this year’s E3 will be in person.

If E3 does happen this year, it will occur on June 13-16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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