As we know, the video game industry is making drastic changes, with cozy games like Pikmin 4 becoming a high-on-demand thing. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 era, cozy gaming has gained much popularity during the quarantine peak months. Some titles selling out at the stores/online were Animal Crossing, Pikmin, and Persona 5, among others.

Pikmin 4: Build your ship and search for your crew

Pikmin 4 consists of little adorable plant-like creatures called Pikmin; they come in different colors and have different purposes. They help you grow, pluck, guide, and help you fight off enemies. With Pikmin’s help, you enjoy the adventure of putting your ship together while searching for your crew.

The game makes you, the player, make difficult decisions in which you are to create a plan using strategy leading your Pikmin into dangerous situations. Despite this, you are responsible for growing enough Pikmin to continue your adventure of completing the levels. Using a whistle, you can control a group or certain Pikmin to complete the tasks. They will help you find treasures, find new paths and fight various enemies.

In Pikmin 4, you are introduced to “Night Mode.” Just as the night arises, enemies turn into a more violent version of themselves, there eyes turning red.

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New Customization and Improved Pikmins

Further, the game brings custom character customization, something has never been seen before in the Pikmin series. With the loyalty and obedience of these mysterious creatures, you will have no trouble getting back to your planet. Pikmin 4 introduces Ice Pikmin(Teal), which is great for freezing different foes and creating new paths for the others to cross by freezing the water. Also, Glow Pikmin(Green with Blue eyes): with their ability to glow and blind out your enemies, this Pikmin becomes very helpful in dark levels.

Your New Companion

Lastly, the game brings someone else on board, Oatchi—your new favorite dog. Oatchi can carry you and all the Pikmin through the levels. This new companionship allows the players like you and me to have easy navigation through the ranks and he can use his amazing nose skills to find your fellow crew mates.

Pikmin 4- Trailer Premiere to Pre-Order and Free Demo on Nintendo’s website.

Pikmin 4 will be releasing on July 21, 2023 on the Nintendo Switch. If you are interested on trying on the adventure before hand, Nintendo on their website have offered a demo in which you can experience hands-on the world of Pikmin 4 while earning bonus items.

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