If you didn’t catch the recent PlayStation 5 showcase by Sony on May 24, you may be wondering what you missed. Well, one such announcement was a new game called Phantom Blade Zero, an upcoming Samurai game made by developer S-Game. Based on the visually impressive trailer, the game is a fast-paced, action-packed, third-person sword-swinging fighting game set in a gloomy take on feudal Japan. From the debut trailer alone, it’s clear the game will be extraordinarily fast and fluid.

phantom blade zero trailer screenshot

It’s no doubt fans of games like Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be interested in Phantom Blade Zero, given its heavy emphasis on swordplay and focus on a traditional samurai aesthetic. I have to say, the trailer did not disappoint and is definitely worth a look. If the game itself keeps up with the heavy beat of the soundtrack and the intense swordplay, it will be a must-play for anyone with fast reflexes. Seriously, if you haven’t given it a watch, check out that trailer. It’s definitely heart-pounding stuff.

phantom blade zero screenshot gameplay

And heck, who doesn’t like samurai? The fierce warriors of feudal Japan have been a popular subject for all types of media for years, captivating the public imagination with their stoic demeanor, fierce loyalty, and honorable code of conduct since the 15th century. And games are no exception, of course. We’ve seen plenty of samurai games over the years, but what makes Phantom Blade Zero unique is its Gotham-like aesthetic and blend of high-intensity combat. The game is already being called soulslike by some, including IGN. So if you’re looking to get into it, maybe do some finger warmups first to avoid carpal tunnel.

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Phantom Blade Zero is coming soon to PC and PS5.

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