Palworld, the Pokemon-esque multiplayer sandbox game, like its inspiration, allows you to catch various creatures for your team and store others. To do this, you will need to gather many materials.

The first order of business is to build a workbench, which costs two wood logs to make. Afterward, you should craft as many Pal Spheres as possible, as they are necessary to catch Pals. You will need three wood logs, three stones, and one Paldium Fragment per Pal Sphere. When starting in Palworld, you can only have five Pals in your active team. Once you build a Palbox, you can store up to 480 Pals. The Palbox lets you assign Pals to do the heavy work around your camp, like mining and chopping down trees once you have built the corresponding structures.

Pal Spheres

As of the time of writing, there are six types of Pal Spheres: Regular (Blue), Mega (Green), Giga (yellow), Hyper (red), Ultra (pink), and Legendary (purple). Each type has a “capture power” associated with it, determining the chance that a sphere will catch a Pal. Offering Lifmuk effigy to a Statue of Power increases the % chance of catching a Pal.

Capturing Pals

Much like Pokémon, to catch a Pal, you will need to fight it until it is weak enough for you to throw a Pal Sphere at it. Once you have thrown a Sphere at a Pal, the circle around the sphere will gradually fill up. There is an x% chance of catching the Pal, depending on how much HP the creature has left. The less HP the Pal has, the more the circle is automatically filled. Do not deplete their health bar because you cannot capture a knocked out Pal. Be careful if your character is fighting a Pal, or recall yours before they get overzealous.

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The specifics may change as the game is currently in Early Access, but the basic mechanics of catching Pals will be a constant. Palworld is available now on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Game Pass.

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