The new Obi-Wan comics series released its first issue on May 4th, and Star Wars fans were excited to get their hands on it. Written by Christopher Cantwell and illustrated by Ario Anindito, the series is set in the final days he would spend on Tatooine prior to the events of Episode IV. The five-issue series will see Obi-Wan reflecting and remembering impactful moments from his life, from his time as a young initiate to his days as a Jedi Master. As a powerful sandstorm approaches and rages outside, Obi-Wan chronicles these moments. 

The first issue focuses on a time when Obi-Wan was an initiate in the Jedi Order. In the story, Obi-Wan’s friend Gehren contemplates leaving Coruscant and the Jedi Order to help her family. As Obi-Wan tries to convince her to stay, he confronts his own demons as well. 

Long before Obi-Wan failed to guide Anakin through his struggles with fear, loss, and attachment, he had to face and overcome them for himself. Gehren, his friend faces the pull to leave the Jedi Academy and return home to help her family. In her dreams, Gehren is seeing her father in pain and suffering. She makes a decision to leave the Jedi Academy to help him.

Obi-Wan attempts to convince her to stay, under the guise of it being for her own good. In reality, he is afraid of what will come next for him if his only friend is gone. He decides to pursue Gehren into the depths of Coruscant to convince her to return to the Jedi Temple.

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As Obi-Wan internally acts out of feelings like abandonment, loss, and fear, he is physically descending further into the depths of the city. This is a nice bit of symbolism showing how Obi-Wan experiences more and more darkness and danger the more he pursues Gehren out of fear.

Shortly after catching up with Gehren, they are taken captive by elements of the criminal underworld. This aligns with how Obi-Wan has been taken captive by his fears, and they are controlling him at the moment. Like breaking free from his captors means fighting them and overcoming them, the same must be done with his fears.

As he comes to the realization that he is holding on to Gehren for his own benefit, Obi-Wan understands that letting her go is the only way. Letting her go will allow Obi-Wan to grow as a Jedi and as a person, as he will not give in to attachment or fear. At the same time, persuading Gehren to return to the Jedi Temple would only make her feel like a captive again. She felt a powerful need to help her father, and needed Obi-Wan to let her go.

After returning to the Jedi Temple alone, Obi-Wan encounters Yoda and learns an important lesson that would be a theme for his life as a Jedi: Learn to rely on yourself for safety and security.

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The story by Christopher Cantwell focuses on an older Obi-Wan looking back at a powerful memory or lesson from his past. If that is to be the theme of the five-issue series, it will be an interesting look into the background of a character that is loved by fans. Given that Obi-Wan encounters Luke in Episode IV shortly after the events of these comics, it is as if he is looking back on the important moments in his life at the end of it.

The lessons learned by Kenobi in Obi-Wan Issue #1 will help him as he begins his life in isolation on Tatooine following Episode III. Losing Gehren teaches him to rely on himself, and only himself for contentment in life. This was a lesson that Anakin would fail to learn, and it would consume him.

The illustration by Ario Anindito is excellent, especially the parts on Tatooine. Anindito grasps the earth tones and grittiness of the landscape well, in a style that really stands out. Likewise, the scenes on Coruscant are vibrant yet also dark, capturing the emotional battle Obi-Wan is experiencing in the issue.

Obi-Wan Issue #1 is available now. Look for our review of Issue #2 when it releases on June 22, 2022.

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Great artwork by Ario Anindito
Good concept with Obi-Wan reflecting on past pivotal moments
Important lessons learned that relate to the Obi-Wan Kenobi show
A bit underwhelming in scope

Review Summary

Issue #1 of Obi-Wan is a solid start, as it sets the table for the series by showing us an important moment from Kenobi’s past.

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