Madden 24 is almost here, and a lot has been revealed about the game in the hype. One of my favorite modes to play is the Franchise Mode. A significant part of that mode that is undergoing significant changes is the trade system. Let’s be real; many will agree that trading in previous games was a load of nonsense. So EA Tiburon decided to restructure it in Madden 24, and there are some key changes.

Additional Trade Slots Added

One of the main things that bugged me about trading in franchise modes was the limited number of assets you can acquire in a player. Well that has changed as Madden 24 has doubled the number of trade slots from 3 to 6 is a welcomed change for players who enjoy managing their teams in a realistic and immersive manner.

With the increased trade slots, players can now engage in more complex and realistic trading scenarios, which adds depth and authenticity to the franchise mode experience. Having the ability to make additional player acquisitions and trades can lead to more dynamic team-building strategies and a deeper level of gameplay.

Extra Draft Picks

The addition of extra trade slots and additional draft picks available to be traded in Madden 24 is a significant enhancement to the franchise mode gameplay. These new features will provide players with more flexibility and strategic opportunities when managing their teams.

The introduction of an extra year of draft picks available for trading adds another layer of complexity and long-term planning to the franchise mode. Now, players can make deals involving draft picks from the current year, the following year, and even two years out which is a must for more trade slots.

Trade Tuning

Madden 24 cover

With the changes going on in trading via franchise mode, there is a restructure of trade tuning. It will focus on limiting inconsistencies with the value of players. With more draft picks, value of draft picks has been restructured and the game is going to try and replicate the pick value charts.

By considering actual pick value charts used in the NFL, the game can better simulate the dynamics of draft trades and make the trading experience more engaging and strategic for players. This could enhance the overall gameplay and provide a more immersive and accurate representation of how the NFL does trades.

Get Offers

Aaron Rodgers in his new team's unis in Madden 24

In the past, some highly populated offers might have encountered problems with manual trade acceptance, leading to frustrations for players. By fixing this issue, the game can provide a smoother and more realistic trade experience, making it easier for players to explore different trade scenarios and find fair deals.

Overall, the addition of the counter offer button and the bug fixes related to trade offers should enhance the trade mechanics in Madden, making it a bit more enjoyable experience for players who enjoy the franchise mode and managing their teams.

As the release of Madden 24 approaches, players can anticipate a better trade system that enhances the overall gameplay and offers more opportunities to build their dream teams. With these improvements, the Franchise Mode is set to become a standout feature of the game, providing a more rewarding and satisfying experience for players.

Madden 24 is available August 24 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S

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