On Tuesday, September 26, a new chapter in the Percy Jackson saga is set to be released. Entitled Chalice of the Gods, the book by Rick Riordan will be the sixth in the main Olympian story arc and will center on Percy, Grover, and Annabeth Chase.

The book will be the first to feature Percy Jackson’s point of view since The Last Olympian in 2009 and the first to focus on the above three characters since The Lightning Thief in 2005. In the interim, Riordan has been enjoying telling other tales from different perspectives, including Carter and Sadie Kane in the Egyptian-based Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase featuring Norse mythology, and a series on the trials of the god Apollo.

A Percy Jackson TV Show?

According to Riordan, the book came about as an offering to Disney to entice them to green light a TV series on Disney+. With that series coming out on Wednesday, December 20, and with this book’s publication, there’s plenty to get excited about. Especially considering this book is but one of many planned novels.

New cast in the upcoming Percy Jackson TV series

Chalice of the Gods takes place during Percy’s senior year in high school. It picks up after the Heroes of Olympus but before The Trials of Apollo. And this time around the stakes couldn’t be higher. As if saving the world multiple times over wasn’t enough, Percy needs recommendations to get into college. Which can mean only one thing — tracking down super elusive gods for their blessings.

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In the coming weeks and months, check out this space for Percy Jackson book and movie reviews and news about the TV series and future novels.

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