In a recent article I wrote about Kobe Bryant being revealed as the cover athlete for NBA 2K24. Which is tremendous news as Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Well during that time more news revealed on another edition of the NBA 2k24 game and it focuses on the WNBA. It was announced that Sabrina Ionescu will be on the cover of NBA 2K24 WNBA Edition.

WNBA Cover Athlete in NBA 2K24

Ionescu’s selection as the cover athlete for NBA 2K is a significant step in recognizing and highlighting the future of the WNBA. By featuring her on the cover, the game is spotlighting the talented young players driving the league forward.

In the past, the focus on players like Taurasi, Parker, and Bird was understandable as they are legends of the game and have had incredible careers. However, with Ionescu’s selection, NBA 2K is showing a shift in focus towards the emerging stars and the next generation of women’s basketball.

At just 25 years old, Ionescu is already making waves in the WNBA and has the potential to become one of the league’s top players. Her presence on the cover of the game serves as a powerful statement about the talent and promise of the young players in the league.

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By featuring Ionescu, NBA 2K is not only celebrating her individual achievements but also sending a message of support and encouragement to all the young athletes who dream of playing in the WNBA. As a fan of the WNBA, I appreciate that a lot as it’s a step towards increasing visibility and recognition for the up-and-coming talents and inspiring the next generation of basketball players.

I am thrilled to play this game when it comes out, and I am especially excited to try out the WNBA Mode and play with the WNBA players. Especially the New York Liberty as that is my favorite team in the league.

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