Basketball is one of the most incredible sports that is being played today all around the world. Basketball is so popular that video games are released yearly including NBA 2K23. However, while the NBA is big, did you know that you can also play with a WNBA roster in the game? So despite the game being called NBA 2K23, you can also play with WNBA teams in the game.

I am a fan of the WNBA and love watching their games. I am a fan of the New York Liberty, and I often play them when playing WNBA in 2k games today. I wish I had the chance to play the WNBA games growing up, but they were never included in the NBA 2K games. That changed when the WNBA was finally in the game in NBA 2K20.

The WNBA In NBA 2K23

The best part is that it kept evolving as the WNBA logo started to stand out. It became clearer where WNBA game modes are by putting it truly in the main menu. When you originally had it in NBA 2K20, you had to press Play Now and then go to WNBA; now, you can go straight there on the main menu. Just look below how easy it is in NBA2K23 with how the colors are different in each play mode for Season 1.

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What I wish is that the 2k crew can keep going and further expand playing with the WNBA. I would love to see a story/legends mode focusing on the many legends in the WNBA. Especially with Sue Bird, the greatest WNBA player of all time. It would be great to have a Bird Challenge for the WNBA in the same way they set up the Jordan Challenge. Set important moments in Bird’s career and play them in the moment.

You know what I would love for the NBA 2K23 crew to do one day is to release a WNBA game on its own. While the WNBA does not get consumed the way the NBA does, there is still a market for WNBA games. So I would have a game for the WNBA, and I would do updates on the game for a few years. I would not do yearly releases of the game but keep having resources put in it, making it better through updates with the roster and add-ons of new teams. A new video game would reach many basketball fans and even help support WNBA players.

There is a big opportunity for 2K to expand the WNBA experience in Video Games. The question is whether they will take the chance and roll with the opportunity to capture the market of the WNBA and grow the league as well.

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NBA 2K23 is playable now on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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