Have you built a MyPlayer that plays the power forward or center positions in NBA 2K23 and are wondering which badges to equip? Fret not, we have you covered! Here are 5 badges in each category I would recommend equipping in order to dominate in different areas of the game as a big man.

Finishing Badges:

  • Rise Up: The Rise Up badge will increase your chances of posterizing helpless defenders in the paint. You might also notice that this badge will help trigger more standing dunk animations.
  • Fast Twitch: Equip the Fast Twitch badge in order to speed up your inside shot and standing dunk animations before the defense can recover. This badge pairs best with any other badges meant for inside scoring.
  • Masher: Just because you’re under the hoop doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a standing dunk animation. The Masher badge allows you to finish inside shots/layups around the rim at a higher success rate.
  • Fearless Finisher: This badge will help you soak contact around the rim and still finish in NBA 2K23. Another upside to equipping this badge is that it reduces stamina that is drained from contact finishing.
  • Aerial Wizard: As a big man, you are most likely to be one of the tallest player on the court. Players at other positions might want to take advantage of your size by throwing you lobs and expecting you to finish with a dunk, or a layup at the very least. This badge will give you a larger window to finish your alley oops, while simultaneously giving you a higher chance of throwing down a putback dunk off of a missed shot attempt.

Shooting Badges:

  • Catch and Shoot: Equipping this badge will boost your shooting attributes immediately after receiving a pass. This badge becomes negated once you take a dribble or if you wait too long, so just make sure you’re open before you pull the trigger!
  • Corner Specialist: 5-Out offense has arguably become the most effective offensive scheme in 2K or even basketball in general due to the spacing it provides. If you’ve made a big man with shooting abilities to stretch the floor, the corner three ball may become one of the most useful weapons in your arsenal. You will receive a boost for shots taken along the baseline, specifically from deep mid-range and the three point line.
  • Green Machine: Tired of mistimed jumpshots? The Green Machine badge will allow to knock down jumpers with excellent timing at a consistent rate. This badge will help you become a sniper from practically anywhere on the court outside of the paint.
  • Deadeye: There are a lot of relentless defenders in the league as well as online in the rec center that will close out on you and your jumper before you get a chance to say “splash”. Deadeye will help you connect on your jumpshot by decreasing the defender’s effectiveness to close out.
  • Blinders: If you are playing against a team that is sharp on defensive rotations or using a zone defense, the Blinders badge will help nullify rotating defenders closing out in your player’s peripheral vision, increasing your chances of converting your jumper.
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  • Vice Grip: As a big man, a big part of your role should be to grab rebounds. The Vice Grip badge will help you secure a rebound without having to worry about a defender swiping it out of your hands before you can get a pass or shot off. This badge also applies to steals, catching passes, or even tracking down loose balls in addition to snatching rebounds.
  • Break Starter: After securing defensive rebounds, Break Starter is meant to increase your chances of connecting with your teammates on deep outlet passes up the court if you and your team decide to play a more uptempo type of offense.
  • Bail Out: When shooting any type of shot, if you decide to pass at the last second for whatever the case may be (realizing you went up with a bad shot, a defender closes out at lightning speed or even just spotting a wide open teammate at the last second), the Bail Out badge will allow you to convert those last second passes at a higher rate without turning the ball over.
  • Dimer: The Dimer badge is especially effective in a half court offensive possession. This badge will give a boost to shooting attributes of the teammate you pass to, making it ideal for situations that require you to kick the ball out to a teammate on the perimeter after grabbing an offensive rebound.
  • Special Delivery: The Special Delivery badge will unlock a whole new facet to your offensive game. After equipping this badge, you will be able to throw alley oop lobs, including bounce pass lobs and off-the-backboard lobs, to your teammates at a higher success rate. Many defenders won’t expect the big men to throw highlight passes which will force the defense to adjust to cutters and slashing archetypes if they haven’t already, resulting in even more open opportunities for shooters.
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NBA 2K23 shooting mechanics
  • Boxout Beast: Combined with a high strength rating, this badge is absolutely integral for big men looking to dominate the boards. When playing with Boxout Beast equipped, you’re going to be able to swim around boxouts with ease and get any sort of positioning you want in order to crash the glass and grab an abundance of rebounds.
  • Rebound Chaser: An easy way to lose a game of basketball is to get dominated on the boards. Secure defensive rebounds to put an end to the opposing team’s offensive possession and grab offensive rebounds to give your own team opportunities for second chance points. Rebound Chaser will turn your big man into an absolute glass eater, making your player an imposing figure without the need to score even a single point.
  • Anchor: As a big man, you will be expected to protect the paint more times than not. Anchor will decrease the likelihood of the opponents scoring around the rim if your player is in the vicinity of the paint. This badge will also help you block shots, making your big man a menace at protecting the rim.
  • Brick Wall: Nothing is more embarrassing than being manhandled in the post while being the biggest person on the court. Brick Wall will make it tough for your matchup to try and back you down, making you seem like an immovable object. Another plus to this badge is that it allows you to set harder screens on offense to free up shooters on the ball or off the ball, making this badge one of the most versatile in the game.
  • Challenger: As previously stated, 5-out offense is extremely common nowadays, meaning you will match up with a lot of stretch big men that have extensive range on their jumpers. Equip the Challenger badge to make your life a bit easier on defense, allowing you to close out on shooters more effectively.
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NBA 2K23 is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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