The early days of the Man of Tomorrow are reimagined in this new anime-inspired take on the Man of Steel. My Adventures with Superman sees Clark Kent, now in his 20s, moving away from his hometown of Smallville to the bustling city of Metropolis to become an investigative journalist for The Daily Planet. While that brief synopsis is the same thing spread throughout every story of the big man in blue, this show brings a fresh and welcoming take on the character’s story, as well as being inspired by anime titles such as Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and Kill La Kill.

I remember being a kid in the 90s, glued to the TV when Superman: The Animated Series was on and excited for the next episode. That series ended in 2000, and we haven’t had a solo Superman show in the 23 years since. So, when this was announced in 2021 with a two-season order, I was excited about it.

The Animation and the Leads

My Adventures with Superman scene of Clark, Lois, Jimmy, and Perry

The two-part premiere of My Adventures with Superman reimagines the Man of Steel in a modern world ripe with heart and delight. Jack Quaid (The Boys, Star Trek: Lower Decks) voices Clark Kent/Superman; and he brings a sense of wonder to his youthful portrayal of Kent. Alice Lee and Ishmel Sahid, as Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, both carry the energy we all know and love to their characters. Lois is as stubborn as ever; she’s determined to get the story and knows how to get herself into danger. Olsen is reserved, but very imaginative; and eager to do what it takes to get that front-page photo for The Daily Planet.

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From the animation and the voice acting, it’s obvious that Clark and Lois are both attracted to each other, and even Jimmy Olsen tries to play matchmaker when he has scenes with Lois and Clark separately. Removing the “will they/won’t they” trope from the show is fantastic. As a Superman fan, it’s something I’m tired of seeing; that’s one reason I love Superman & Lois so much, and why My Adventures with Superman stands out. From jump street, they ask the question and it’s answered within the next episode.

The animation for My Adventures with Superman is reminiscent of anime from the early 2000s, which makes sense as a lot of the anime during that time served as the inspiration behind this very show. Each episode, so far, features at least one big action piece and My Adventures with Superman makes it easy to follow what’s going on. Often utilizing Superman’s ever-growing powers, this show paints a beautiful canvas as Clark learns not only who he is but what his purpose is in the world.

New Takes on Old Adventures

My Adventures with Superman scene with Deathstroke

Something this show does, that will take a fan like me getting used to, is taking the mythos within the world of DC Comics and creating something new out of it. This show features some of the most iconic villains in not only Superman’s rogues gallery, but some of the best in the roster that DC Comics has to offer. The second episode features one of my favorite DC villains and I didn’t even know who it was until after multiple viewings.

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That villain is Deathstroke; in the comics, he’s a middle-aged man and a mercenary and assassin for hire that has no qualms about doing what is necessary in getting the job done. Taking Deathstroke, who’s known to be this terrifying force in the DC world, and portraying him in a younger manner but still with gravitas and mystery is a bold move and I applaud the creatives behind the decision. I may not like it right now, but it is something that I am very curious to watch unfold as this season progresses.

Worth the Watch

My Adventures with Superman scene with Superman, Lois, and Jimmy

As a Superman fan and a guy that doesn’t watch much anime, this is a must-watch for me. It has a fresh take on the iconic trio in the Superman mythos. Clark, Jimmy, and Lois are all their own characters with their own interests and hobbies. We get the bumbling and nervous yet humble Clark whereas Superman is more confident; Jimmy’s a lovable goofball with a camera; and Lois is a stubborn go-getter. Between that and the beautiful animation, this show does a great job of capturing Superman and his friends for a new audience.

My Adventures with Superman is out on Adult Swim on Thursdays at midnight and will be released to Max the next day.

There isn’t much negative to say, so I’ll just say I wish it was longer. 22 minutes isn’t enough for me.

Review Summary

My Adventures with Superman makes Superman fun for all ages, but most importantly for a new generation. Filled with hope, heart, and delight, this show is a must-watch for fans of Superman both new and old.

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