Right from the start, this year’s Call of Duty features a slew of Challenges for players to grind at launch, with more added every week. Completing any 5 of the 17 Challenges available to players will unlock the Jak Raven Kit Aftermarket Part for the MCW assault rifle.

All Week 1 Multiplayer Challenges

For Multiplayer, the challenges listed above are varied. Some require you to go out of your way to use specific weapons, and some require you to do challenges that will be especially difficult to pull off; like the one to get a Triple Kill with a Sniper Rifle. The “Kill 5 Operators Who Killed You, with a Recommended Weapon” challenge is likely to happen naturally in Gameplay. You can also go out of your way to “Get 10 Operator Sliding Kills with a Recommended Weapon”.

However, what I would recommend is grinding Player XP until you unlock the MCW Assault Rifle, which is extremely powerful and easy-to-use. Once you have this, you can focus on the 2 Challenges revolving around the MCW and the 2 Challenges that require to use Assault Rifles. If you go out of your way to do these, you can expect to complete 4 Challenges in a few short matches.

All Week 1 Zombies Challenges

The Zombies Challenges seem much more straight-forward than the Multiplayer ones. Since Modern Warfare Zombies is PvE only, you have much more control over what happens in these matches. If you just want the Aftermarket Part as quickly as possible, I’d recommend you stick to Zombies.

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If you wait until you have the MCW unlocked and put a Scope and Silencer on it, you can work on 5/6 Challenges at once; assuming the MCW is a Recommended Weapon when you’re reading this article. If you aim high – which will be even easier if you get the Deadshot Daiquiri Perk – you can get your critical kills done fast. These critical kills will also count as kills with a Recommended Weapon, Silenced AR, Scoped AR, and MCW if you run a load-out which includes the aforementioned Assault Rifle with those attachments.

For more tips to help your MW3 grind, check out our Call of Duty Guides page.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is available from November 10th on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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