Modern Warfare 3 is here and we want to talk about the new War Mode in MW3. Veterans of the game will remember the feature in Call of Duty: WWll, but what’s so different this time? Not much as the game has adapted the same features in the previous COD. Players have the option to go to War Mode in six versus six combat but this time on a fictional map called Urzikstan under Operation Spearhead. Operation Spearhead has three goals: hold anti-aircraft sites, accompany or halt the tank, and launch or hold the missiles using the launch facility consoles. Killstreaks are not available in War Mode no matter how many you get.

What is War Mode in MW3?

War mode is all about attacking and defending and team roles are determined in the beginning.During the mode, an attacking team must complete strategic objectives while the other team defends said objectives. After a round is over, teams will switch, giving both teams a chance to attack and defend.

Since the base format of the game is 6v6, your time must have consistent communication and a team oriented mindset in order to win a game of war. There are many capture points scattered around the map, giving each team a chance to pursue assaults and organize a defense strategy.

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War mode is pretty cool and makes for an exciting feature of MW3, follow us for more MW3 content!

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