Though customization is the Bread and Butter of Call of Duty, sometimes you have to crawl before you can run. When you’re in those early levels – yet to unlock Create-a-Class – in Modern Warfare 3 you will have some pre-made classes to choose from.

These developer-crafted load-outs will help you get on your feet when you first jump into Multiplayer. Since some of them have high-level weapons, attachments, and gear, you may even find them worth using after you can build your own at Level 4. Here they are, ranked worst to best.

#6. Infiltrator

This Class contains a WSP Swarm SMG and the TYR Revolver, along with Perks in your Gear slots designed to help you move fast and stay off the radar. While this can be a fun option if you like to be stealthily in Call of Duty Multiplayer, these short range weapons hinder your ability to preform at range.

#5. Counter-Invasion

This Class comes equipped with a Heavy-Duty Sniper Rifle, and a MCW assault rifle which is kitted to perform like a LMG. Both builds are decent enough, but they are extremely cumbersome, and the Perks in the Gear slots don’t help to mitigate that added weight. This can be useful for defending in Ground War (maybe?), but this setup is definitely not something you want to run in Core 6v6. Do keep it in mind in the future, as it will likely perform great when going for long-range engagements in Warzone.

#4. Anti-Material

This build is definitely MW3‘s equivalent of a Support Class. The LMG is great for suppressing enemies, and locking down lanes. As an added bonus, the PILA Launcher is able to lock-on or dumb fire, so you can use it against Enemy Killstreaks as well as Enemy Operators. The Mag Holster will help you reload the massive gun faster, and the Shock Sticks are good for stunning players in chokepoints. The Anti-Material Class is perfect for Objective Players who prefer to take things slow.

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#3. Combat Controller

This SMG focused build is great for staying on the move. If you’re a Rusher, and you want the option to flank undetected, but still want the power necessary to challenge Enemy Operators face-to-face, look no further. This is classic, Call of Duty SMG Running-and-Gunning as best as you can get it this early in the Ranks.

#2. Commando

This load-out couldn’t be more aptly named. This is a simple, no frills Call of Duty Class that gives you versatility and combat effectiveness. Better yet, it’s really fun to use! The Bas-B Battle Rifle build here is powerful yet controllable, and the Riveter Shotgun in the Secondary Slot (thanks to the Overkill Vest) allows you to spray and pray shells fast when enemies get closer than you want them when using a BR. The Perks in the Gear slots will ensure you move quick, can tank explosives, and almost never run out of ammo.

#1. Demolitionist

This build may not be as effective as the Commando, but using it is the most fun I had in my early hours with MW3. The MTZ-556 Assault Rifle is Gunsmithed to perfection. It is accurate at long range, agile, and performs well in CQC too. The RPG is always a blast to use – literally. The Breacher Drones send explosive payloads toward your enemies, and the Perks make you move fast and help protect you from explosives; be they from Enemy Operators or your own Splash-Damage. What’s not to love?

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For more tips to help your MW3 grind – including custom load-outs to use in your near-future – check out our Call of Duty Guides page.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is available from November 10th on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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