The next entry in the Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare 3, releases this week, and with that comes some new additions to the modes that we are all familiar with. These additions include fan favorite maps as well as some new ones, new weapons, and 23 killstreaks to pick and earn as you play the MW3 multiplayer.

Killstreaks, if you don’t know, are rewards given to players that can take out multiple enemies without dying. Like in recent games though, players can switch to score streaks instead that will keep track of how many points they earn without dying instead of eliminations. Some of these Call of Duty killstreaks will be ones that we have seen before in previous titles, but there are a few new ones here that may be worth checking out.

MW3 Killstreaks

MW3 Killstreak menu
Killstreak/Scorestreak NameDescriptionRequired Kills/Points
UAVA drone aircraft that circles around the area and pings enemies on the minimap.4 Kills or 500 Points
Mosquito DroneA drone that will fly around the map, and launch itself at any unsuspecting enemy it can spot and explode on impact.4 Kills or 500 Points
Sam TurretAn anti-air weapon that will automatically fire on enemy aircrafts.4 Kills or 500 Points
Bomb DroneA remote-controlled drone that can be flown around the map and detonated through remote activation or through impact.4 Kills or 500 Points
Guardian-SCThis weapon, that can be placed down anywhere on the map, will stun any enemy that steps in the area it is facing until they can get out of its range.5 Kills or 625 Points

Care Package
Grants the player a random killstreak through a package drop on the map that they will have to pick up, and hopefully not get shot while trying to do so. 5 Kills or 625 Points
Counter-UAVThis drone will hover above the map, and disable every enemy minimap.5 Kills or 625 Points
Cluster MineThrowing this device into a room, or anywhere else on the battlefield, will launch out multiple small mines that will plant themselves around that vicinity. 6 Kills or 750 Points
Precision AirstrikeTwo jets that are called in to rain fire down on a marked area, one after the other. 6 Kills or 750 Points
Cruise MissileA guided missile that can be boosted down towards a target of the players’ choosing.6 Kills or 750 Points
Remote TurretAn automated turret that can be placed in any area with enough room, and it will target and fire heavy rounds at enemy players that it can spot.7 Kills or 875 Points
Mortar StrikeMultiple mortars will launch at an area on the map marked by the player.7 Kills or 875 Points
SAEJets will fly by and drop explosives in three areas on the map which the player must mark on a tablet.7 Kills or 875 Points
Juggernaut ReconA heavily armored juggernaut suit will be given to the player with a riot shield for extra defense. Any enemy that stands close to this juggernaut will be pinged on the minimap. 8 Kills or 1,000 Points
Wheelson-HSThis remote controlled vehicle comes with a mounted gun that can be controlled by the player or given automated control.8 Kills or 1,000 Points
Overwatch HeloThis helicopter will hover over the player that called it in, and it will ping enemies while also firing on them. 8 Kills or 1,000 Points
VTOL JetThis jet flies by to drop a couple of explosives on the map before coming back to hover over a marked area and raining down fire on any enemy it sees. 10 Kills or 1,250 Points
Emergency AirdropThree random killstreaks will drop on a marked area on the map in packages that the player will have to pick up or share with their teammates.10 Kills or 1,250 Points
Carpet BombA line of explosives is dropped across the map by a bomber.10 Kills or 1,250 Points
Advanced UAVThe enemy’s location is revealed in real time on your team’s minimap.12 Kills or 1,500 Points
Chopper GunnerThis chopper is fully controlled by the player, and it comes equipped with a turret and some missiles.12 Kills or 1,500 Points
GunshipUpon calling this in, the player will have the ability to control the targeting systems on this large ship which comes equipped with a heavy tracking missile as well as 40mm and 25mm cannons to eliminate enemies.12 Kills or 1,500 Points
JuggernautThis juggernaut suit is similar to the previous one, except it comes with a minigun instead of a riot shield that can be picked up by anyone after the player dies.15 Kills or 1,875 Points

Modern Warfare 3 comes out November 10th on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC

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