Players of World of Warcraft spend countless hours fighting terrifying foes and massive beasts alike. Not many stop to think about befriending the monsters they’ve encountered though. Unless, that is, you’re one of the many Hunters wandering the continents of Azeroth. Then your travels involve lots of excitement revolving around new friends to make while questing!

I’ve seen many cool pets added to the game over the years, and I’ve seen lots of amazing model updates for Vanilla pets. I wanted to highlight some of these wonderful pets – most of which I think are underappreciated. Whether you’re looking for a new pet to match a Transmog, a pet for a roleplay server, or a new companion to share quests with – I’ve got you covered.

Recommended: Using the addon TomTom will help immensely with finding precise spawn locations in World of Warcraft. I’ll be providing coordinates for each pet so you’ve got the best shot at taming it! Simply place the TomTom input into your chat bar after downloading the addon while you’re in the proper zone for the pet.

The Kurken

World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft, Companion, Dragonflight

Starting off strong, this pet is a very unique model! It’s name is The Kurken, and it can be found roaming a cave on Azuremyst Isle. It’s in the Core Hound family, meaning it can only be tamed by a Beast Mastery Hunter with exotic beast taming unlocked in talents. I rarely see people using this little guy and it amazes me – it’s incredibly unique. It’ll certainly capture the attention of your next raid group!

TomTom input: /way Azuremyst Isle 45,19

Savannah Proudfang

World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft, Dragonflight

Let’s take a journey to Uldum. Not the Uldum you’re probably thinking about though – specifically the version of the zone corrupted by the Black Empire during Battle for Azeroth. Here our next pet lazes around while the unknowable horrors of the abyss assault our reality as we know it. The Savannah Proudfang is a unique model of the cat family called a Grand Lion. It used to be only available as a rare spawn in the Twilight Highlands but during Battle for Azeroth, it was added as a common spawn NPC. Exciting! Just make sure you have the right phase of Uldum available, as it won’t spawn in the Cataclysm version of the zone.

TomTom input: /way #1527 72.8 62.8 Savannah Proudfang

Suntouched Falcon

World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft

While we’re taming the Prowler, let’s grab this really cool Falcon at the same time! This Bird of Prey is the closest to a Falcon from real life, making it easily the coolest choice for a more realistic fantasy Transmog. This pet can be found with a solar-infused look which is sadly lost upon tame. On the bright side, pun intended, you’re left with a great looking updated bird model rocking a unique coat of paint. As with the Prowler, make sure you’re in the right phase of Uldum – the Battle for Azeroth version.

TomTom input: /way #1527 75.6 53.6 Suntouched Falcon

Adolescent Crawg

World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft

This one’s for all my weirdos out there in World of Warcraft. Have you ever felt the dying need to be joined in battle by an indescribably scary creature of prehistoric proportions? The Crawgs of Nazmir are your ideal companion! These creatures are the perfect mixture of weird, gross, and – to me – downright adorable. Crawgs can only be tamed by Hunters who have killed Zul on Normal difficulty or higher. They belong to their own special family: Blood Beasts.

TomTom input: /way #863 57.6 45.6 Adolescent Crawg

Mystic Gulper

World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft

This autumnal colored frog spends its time lounging atop the lily pads of the afterlife Ardenweald. I chose to highlight this coloration of the frog because of its bright colors in contrast to the blues and purples of Ardenweald in World of Warcraft. I think these colors look great together. I especially love the wooden mask this big friend is wearing. As a bonus, they make cute frog noises as a part of the idle animations! This companion is a part of the Toad family. Maybe it isn’t a frog after all…

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TomTom input: /way #1565 37.2 38.6 Mystic Gulper


World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft

Cloudtail lingers in a different part of the Shadowlands: Bastion. This pet is cool because of the ghost-like see through effect that it retains upon tame! Cloudtail is considered a rare spawn, but it’s always an active event so don’t worry about long spawn timers. Simply talk to the NPC in the building of its spawn and you’ll be able to start the encounter. Cloudtail is one of four spawns from the event, and each pet is on a set rotation. While you’re at it, see if any of the other spawns in the event are of interest! Cloudtail is a part of the Fox family.

TomTom input: /way #1533 55.2 80.6 Cloudtail

Voidgorged Stalker

World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft

The Voidgorged Stalker used to be a Void Elf only pet. Thankfully, it was allowed as a tame during a later patch! I love the void effects and colors on this pet. It matches a shadowy Transmog perfectly. I never see this pet with other Hunters which is amazing to me considering how otherworldly it looks! This pet belongs to the Warp Stalker family which tends to have amazing appearances all around. These specific Stalkers can be found sulking around the shadows of Eredath.

TomTom input: /way #882 34.0 33.8 Voidgorged Stalker

Fel Steed

World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft

Typically, in the context of Warcraft, Fel is considered to be a green form of chaotic magic. This seems to have manifested differently in the Fel Steed though. This horse is more akin to a classic Nightmare. It’s midnight black coat is highlighted by shades of orange and red fire around its nostrils, eyes, and hooves. Out of each of the horses in the Courser family, this one stands out the most. Most tamable horses looks like, well, horses. This Steed offers a much more devilish appearance while remaining mostly easy to obtain. The Fel Steed is a rare spawn located inside the stables of the low-level dungeon Shadowfang Keep – just after the first boss. If the spawn isn’t active, simply leave the dungeon, reset the instance, and reenter for a second chance. It spawns on Normal difficulty which happens to be the easiest difficulty for spawn farming.

TomTom input (for the dungeon entrance): /way Silverpine Forest 44.94 67.94

Craw the Ravager

World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft

While you’re flying to Silverpine Forest for the Fel Steed, take a quick detour to check for this unique coloration from the Crocolisk family. Craw here is a rare spawn found in the southern waters of Hillsbrad Foothills. This guy is far out of the way, making it a relatively easy rare spawn to find. I really love the hints of purple accenting the earth tones on this Croc. He’s sure to turn heads with the right Hunter by his side!

TomTom input: /way #25 51.8 86.8 Craw the Ravager


World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft

Chimaeron is a boss from the Cataclysm raid Blackwing Descent in the Burning Steppes. This unique pet lives up to its namesake. One of its heads seems to have been replaced by an extra claw during some of Nefarion’s experimentations. One can’t help but feel bad for the poor thing… Or grossed out by its implications and appearance. Either way, one thing is for certain: seeing this on the battle field would certainly terrify any foe. Chimaeron belongs to the Hydra family. The only requirement for its tame is to be able to enter the raid on any difficulty!

TomTom input: /way Burning Steppes 25.3 25.0 Blackwing Descent Entrance

Quillfang Ravager

World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft

Hellfire Peninsula is where this spikey fellow lives. Pets from the Ravagers family, in general, always look really ferocious but this one stands out due to its toxic green colors. It reminds me of a larger, more threatening poison dart frog. They also have an equally scary walk/run cycle. This is one of the few models that inspires genuine fear in my soul when I see it. The stuff nightmares is made of…

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TomTom input: /way #100 23.2 64.4 Quillfang Ravager

Jungle Wastetalon

World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft

If we travel back in time a little, we reach Draenor – the Outlands before Outlands. These raptors roam Gorgrond as common spawn mobs, making them easy to come across! I love the contrast between the eyes and the dark green/blue shades. That pop of color adds character to the otherwise frightening raptor. Most raptors look great but specifically this one captures my attention the most. If it wasn’t obvious already, this friend belongs to the Raptor family.

TomTom input: /way #543 49.0 77.0 Jungle Wastetalon

Rabid Blisterpaw

World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft

Even found yourself thinking “Wouldn’t it be cool if Hyenas came in shades of pink?” Fear not, the Rabid Blisterpaw has you covered! These colorful pets roam just west of the Caverns of Time in Tanaris. If you happen to be using a pinkish-purple Transmog, or you just finished watching Barbie, this pet is a perfect accent to your Hunter! They belong to the Hyena family and have no special requirements for a tame.

TomTom input: /way #71 54.0 51.6 Rabid Blisterpaw


World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft

This loyal hound awaits trespassers in the Throne of Thunder raid from Mists of Pandaria. Throne of Thunder is located in the center of the Isle of Thunder, which is unlocked via a short questline from faction specific NPCs located at the Shado-Pan Garrison flightpath in Townlong Steppes. You’ll have to be level 35, and a Beast Mastery Hunter with exotic pet taming, in order to enter this raid and tame this amazing Stone Hound pet. The large pieces of armor add to the overall guard-dog vibes.

TomTom input: There is no good way to input waypoint commands for the Isle of Thunder. Simply unlock the zone and head to the center where the world boss Nalak spawns. The raid entrance is right there!


World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft

Here’s a super cool addition to the Hunter pet arsenal: Dragons! Well, almost… Cloud Serpents were added to the pet family Lesser Dragonkin. They’re unlocked after the rep grind for the Order of the Cloud Serpent. It’s an easy rep grind that involves farming eggs for rep. It’s not unlike the egg rep grind for the Netherwings in Outlands. Once completed, Cloud Serpents will be obtainable! Haofeng is a great onyx colored serpent with a blue sheen on its scales. This pet is available during the Battle for Azeroth phase of Vale of Eternal Blossoms, not the original Mists of Pandaria phase.

TomTom input: /way #1530 24.6 47.6 Haofeng

Osca the Bloodied

World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft

Osca the Bloodied has seen her fair share of combat with arrows sticking out of her thick hide. What makes this pet cool is that the arrows are retained upon tame, meaning you can have this pet complete with its grizzled glory. In order to find her, you’ll have to venture to the north-western roads of Stormsong Valley. Osca is technically qualified as a rare spawn but the timer seems relatively low compared to typical rare spawns from expansions past.

TomTom input: /way #942 42.0 63.6 Osca the Bloodied

Broadhoof Bull

World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft

The Broadhoof Bull wanders the forests of the Ohn’ahran Plains with its herd. Interestingly, this Bull is classified as a part of the Stag family. I chose this coloration specifically due to its massive moose-like antlers. There are other Bulls with smaller horns but this is certainly the most grand iteration of the pet. That, and it’s an incredibly easy tame that I never see Hunters running around with.

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TomTom input: /way #2023 63.8 55.0 Broadhoof Bull


World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft

Just east of the Broadhoof Bull herds rests Biryuk, another good boy! Dragonflight brought with it many great things but this is certainly one of the best features: big fluffy dogs! After completing the Old Hatreds questline in the Ohn’ahran Plains, Biryuk will be resting away in the village where the quest ends. This pet is considered a rare spawn, and it reportedly has a 6 to 8 hour respawn timer. I’ve personally never seen this pet spawn before so try taming it during the quest chain rather than after.

TomTom input: /way #2023 73.8 56.0 Biryuk

Forgotten Gryphon

World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft

While questing in The Waking Shores, it’s easy to miss this rare spawn. It only spawns on certain days but it has a 1 hour respawn timer on days when its active. There’s a couple catches here though. You have to be a Beast Mastery Hunter with exotic beast taming in order to get it. You also have to be below level 70 in order to tame it. Once you hit 70, the pet scales to level 72 which is out of your taming range. This pet is also considered a Feathermane, which is only tamable after purchasing the Tome of the Hybrid Beast from the Legion Hunter class hall. Once you’ve met all of those requirements, you get an incredibly unique ghost-like Gryphon pet. This pet is certainly understood to be a minor status symbol because of how many hoops players need to jump through in order to get it.

TomTom input: /way #2022 33.0 76.2 Forgotten Gryphon

Hermit Crab

World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft

Don’t let the name fool you: these pets are incredibly cute! Hermit crabs are a relatively new addition to the Crab family, having just joined during Battle for Azeroth. There are lots of different colors for crabs and shells, but this one is definitely my favorite. I love the yellow-ish shell with the deep cobalt crab! Plus, these pets are good in PvP content due to their pet family movement slowing ability. This specific version of the model spawns in The Waking Shores with several different colors, so if blue isn’t your thing, you’ll certainly find another one in the area!

TomTom input: /way #2022 44.6 26.8 Hermit Crab


World of Warcraft, Hunter, Pet, Warcraft

Here it is: the most unique pet arguable of all time. This Spirit Beast can be found in several spots littered around Sholazar Basin. It’s a rare spawn, and a very rare spawn at that. The respawn timer on this one can be upwards of 12 hours and it’s the only model with this specific skin. Those together makes it a highly sought after pet and a status symbol for Hunters in game. This tame will also require a Beast Mastery Hunter with exotic beast taming unlocked. Furthermore, an understanding of its lore adds to its amazement. This pet is a Loa – a wild god worshipped by Trolls. It’s mate, Har’koa, can be found trapped during a quest chain in Zul’Drak. During that quest chain, you learn that these ghostly cats are in fact gods with the ability to communicate with you.

And just like that, we’ve reached the end of our safari through Azeroth, Outlands, and beyond. Enjoy questing with each of your new friends, wowing your raid members with unique skins, or matching Transmogs with amazing companions. Good luck on the rarer pet spawns on this list, and most importantly, happy hunting!

World of Warcraft Dragonflight is available now on PC.

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