TennoCon 2022 was held on the 16th of July, and with that came TennoLive! A few exciting things were revealed for Warframe and we are going to quickly go through them here!

The Duviri Paradox:

The event that took up the most time in TennoLive and was easily most anticipated was the 20-minute demo of The Duviri Paradox. This demo showed off the fourth open world area, Duviri, to come to Warframe in the winter of 2022.

Duviri is near devoid of any color and anybody who lives there is in a constant state of dying and being reborn, every single day. So Duviri gets an introductory quest like all the other open worlds that explores this! You’ll find yourself seeing the color change in correspondence with your mood, doing puzzles, and riding a kaithe mount (Flying skeletal horse), all while trying to end the tyranny of a new villain, Dominus Thrax. Every day you dive into Duviri, three options for decrees are available to you. Decrees allow you to gain an advantage in whatever form you like and choose for the rest of the day.

Most people in the Warframe community thought Duviri would be post The New War content, but during the demo, Rebecca Ford revealed that it would actually come earlier in the game.

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The Veilbreaker:

The Veilbreaker is the new quest that takes place after The New War.

In Veilbreaker, you play as Kahl-175, a grineer who has freed himself from enslavement by Narmer. While playing Kahl, you will watch as he becomes a famous hero, trying to save more grineer that are slaves to Narmer. No doubt as a grineer, you’ll be fighting warframes, possibly your own?

New Warframes:

Two new warframes were revealed!

First off, we have Styanax, shown off in the video above. This warframe takes from ancient warriors and champions of old mythology, which means you’ll be using a shield and a spear if you want to play Styanax! It is also the 50th warframe to come out!

The other warframe, we got much less info about, not even a name.

We got this concept art and the fact that it’s wolf inspired, a lot of abilities are based around packs maybe?

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Crossplay Is Finally Coming:

A much-awaited feature is finally coming to Warframe! Players will finally be able to play with other platforms and also use one account on multiple platforms!

Digital Extremes is working towards this by syncing up timed events like Baro Ki’teer on console platforms to the PC, as they are two weeks behind. Oh yeah, one other thing…

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Warframe is coming to mobile.

A very interesting choice for a game like Warframe, but if Digital Extremes thinks it will work, we should wait to see how it turns out. It will be weird to see people whose first experience of Warframe was on the iPhone.

Soulframe and Airship Syndicate:

The final announcement was that Steve Sinclair, Creative Director of Warframe, is moving on to a new game. Now Rebecca Ford is now stepping up to take the spot of Creative Director!

The new game being worked on is called Soulframe, a more fantasy-oriented game where you play as an Envoy using power from their soul! Not much else is known about Soulframe as it is still early in development. Visit the website for Soulframe here.

A new partnership was also announced between Digital Extremes and Airship Syndicate! Another new fantasy-oriented game is being created with this partnership! Airship Syndicates’ most recent project would be The Ruined King, a game that takes place in the universe of League of Legends. More will be revealed in the 2022 Game Awards. Visit the website for Airship Syndicate here.

So, a lot of exciting reveals and changes have come out of this TennoLive! Now we just have to wait patiently for all of this to come within the next few years!

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