The long-running fighting game series that gave us the joys of ripping the spine out of our opponents is coming back this year! The only problem is that the announcement came from a recent Earnings Report with no additional information attached to it.

The Casual Announcement of an Unannounced Title.

Usually, when it comes time to make an announcement for a highly anticipated game, you would want to either set up a big showcase, set up a teaser website, or maybe appear on a showcase. You want as many people to know that “This long-awaited game is coming soon! Get excited!!” And while we did not get too many hints about the possibility of Mortal Kombat 12 as the next title from NetherRealm Studios, many could not wait to see the big reveal.

A reveal that likely will not be as impactful now since those listening into the Warner Bros. Discovery Fourth Quarter 2022 Earnings Call know that we are getting this game sometime this year.

The Announcement will not come with a bang, but with a “Yeah, so this is happening this year.”

So with the existence of Mortal Kombat 12 now out in the open, the question now has become: When will we see the reveal trailer? Were we going to get a trailer before this earnings call? Or was it going to come at a more appropriate time? Either way, the wait has begun for us to learn more information for the next installment for another time.

So what do you think?

Are you excited for Mortal Kombat 12? Which kombatants are you hoping to see return? And will the game follow a playstyle of MKX? or refine what was done in Mortal Kombat 11? Leave your thoughts down below and be sure to follow us here at Strangely Awesome for more on Fighting Games and other things happening in the gaming world.

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