Sub-Zero is one of the playable characters in Mortal Kombat 1. Also known as Bi-Han, the grandmaster of the Lin Kuei Ninja Clan and older brother to Kuai Liang, Bi-Han has appeared in every Mortal Kombat game since its inception. Descending from a line of Cryomancers, Sub-Zero can manipulate and create frost and ice to amplify his attacks and shoot projectiles from his hands or create ice duplicates of himself to help his defense in battle.

Mortal Kombat 1: Sub-Zero enters


General Inputs
ShorthandMortal Kombat Command
FDForward + Down
FUForward + Up
BDBack + Down
BUBack + Up
ShorthandMortal Kombat CommandPS ButtonXbox ButtonNintendo Switch Button
1Front PunchSquareXY
2Back PunchTriangleYX
3Front KickXAB
4Back KickCircleBA
L2Switch StanceL2LTZL
R2Amplify SpecialR2RTZR

Sub-Zero Fatalities

Hairline FractureD – D – 2D – D – TriangleD – D – YD – D – X

Sub-Zero Brutalities

The KlassicD + 2D + TriangleD + YD + X

Sub-Zero Basic Attacks

Attack NameInputDamageMove(Block) Type
Clammy Palm12.00High
Lin Kuei Storm1 – 23.00Mid
Arctic Hammer1 – 2 – 25.00Overhead
Advancing FrostF+15.00Mid
Frozen OverF+1 – 25.00Mid
Freezing PointF+1 – 2 – 35.00Low
Cold FrontD+12.00Mid
Quick Chill23.00High
Blistering Blizzard2 – 15.00Mid
Whiteout2 – 1 – 25.00Overhead
Spinal TapB+29.75Overhead
Brain FreezeD+214.00High
Heavy Toe35.00High
Slip Slide3 – 47.00Low
Shin ShatterB+35.00Low
PermafrostB+3 – 47.00Low
Low StepD+32.00Low
Harmful Heel47.00High
Hail Damage4 – 45.00Low
Chilled SweepB+47.00Low
Swing KickD+43.00Low
Aerial Attacks
Icy KnucklesFU+17.00Mid
Slick StrikeFU+1 – 12.55Overhead
Polar PlungeFU+1 – 1 – 23.00Overhead
Menacing MaceFU+1 – 22.55Overhead
Air Lin KueiFU+1 – 32.55Overhead
Frosted FrenzyFU+1 – 3 – 49.00Overhead
Ice MakerFU+27.00Mid
FrostbiteFU+2 – 17.65Overhead
Freezer BurnFU+2 – 22.55Mid
Arctic BlastFU+2 – 2 – 29.00Mid
Balanced BootFU+3 OR FU+ 49.00Mid
Toward ThrowF+L1 OR F+1+311.00Throw
Negative ZeroL1 OR 1+311.00Throw
Kombo BreakerF+R2N/AN/A

Sub-Zero Special Moves

Attack NameInputDamageMove(Block) Type
Ice BallD – F – 12.00High
Enhanced Ice BallD – F – 1+R24.00Mid
Ice KloneD – B – 12.00Mid
Enhanced Ice KloneD – B – 1+R26.00Mid
(Air) Ice KloneD – B – 12.00Mid
(Air) Enhanced Ice KloneD – B – 1+R26.00Mid
Ice Klone ChargeB – F – 29.00Mid
Enhanced Ice Klone ChargeB – F – 2+R29.00Mid
Ice SlideB – F – 311.00Low
Enhanced Ice SlideB – F – 3+R27.00Low
(Air) Diving GlacierD – B – 45.00Mid
(Air) Enhanced Diving Glacier)D – B – 4+R25.00Mid
Deadly VaporsD – F – 42.00Mid
Enhanced Deadly VaporsD – F – 4+R24.00Mid
Fatal Blows
Chill OutL2 + R235.00Mid

Mortal Kombat 1 will release on September 14th, 2023 and it will be playable on Xbox Series X, PC, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

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