Kenshi is a playable character in Mortal Kombat 1. Often appearing as a blind swordsman and member of special ops, this version of Kenshi still has his eyesight and it remains to be seen how he’ll lose it in this game, though it’s been shown in trailers he is blind at some point in the story.

Despite his blindness, Kenshi uses it as a tool to strengthen his fighting. Mixing his blindness with his telekinetic and psychokinetic abilities allows him to attack his foes from a distance and at all angles.

Working in his favor is Sento, a spirit that players can activate as a stance and utilize as a second fighter. The Sento Spirit has its own section of commands that can be used separately from Kenshi. By holding down R1, players will be able to pause command inputs for the spirit and will allow you to set up combos to use for both Kenshi and Sento. However, if Sento gets dismissed or damaged during an attack, Kenshi will no be able to use the spirit in the fight.

Here are Kenshi’s moves in Mortal Kombat 1:

Kenshi Inputs in Mortal Kombat 1

General Inputs
ShorthandMortal Kombat Command
FDForward + Down
FUForward + Up
BDBack + Down
BUBack + Up
ShorthandMortal Kombat CommandPS ButtonXbox ButtonNintendo Switch Button
1Front PunchSquareXY
2Back PunchTriangleYX
3Front KickXAB
4Back KickCircleBA
L2Switch StanceL2LTZL
R2Amplify SpecialR2RTZR

Kenshi Fatality

BlendedD – D – 4D – D – CircleD – D – BD – D – A

Kenshi Brutality

The KlassicD + 2D + TriangleD + YD + X

Kenshi Basic Attacks

Sheath Slap13.00High
See No Evil1 – 43.00Low
Blind Sided1 – 4 – 15.00Mid
Belly BusterD+12.00Mid
Silent Palm23.00High
Gut Check2 – 13.00Mid
Tamahag-Pain2 – 1 – 25.00Mid
Spirit StrikeB+25.00Mid
Silencing SoulsB+2 – 27.00Overhead
Dark RitualF+25.00Mid
Slice N’ DiceF+2 – 25.00Mid
PinnedF+2 – 2 – B+27.00Overhead
Spirit AwayF+2 – 2 – F+27.00Mid
Deep StabF+2 – 2 – D+27.00Overhead
Rising FistD+214.00High
High Kick35.00High
Sneaky SneakerD+32.00Low
Face Breaker47.00High
Heighten Senses4 – 47.00Overhead
Achilles CutterB+47.00Low
Sweeping HeelD+43.00Low
Sento Stance (D – B – 1)
Disable Spirit Action (While Held)Hold R1N/AN/A
Brutal Bow13.00High
Off Balance1 – 23.00Mid
Blind Justice1 – 2 – 25.00Mid
Five Rings SlashB+1N/AN/A
Transcending CutB+1 – 2N/AN/A
Quick Laceration23.00High
Don’t Blink2 – 13.00Mid
Upper SliceF+25.00Mid
Fading LightF+2 – 25.00Mid
Lost WayF+2 – 2 – 17.00Low
Rising BladeD+214.00High
Hammering Heel35.00High
Tibia TapperF+3N/AN/A
Bad FeelingF+3 – 2N/AN/A
Chest Cracker47.00High
Down the Middle4 – 23.00Overhead
Get Back4 – 2 – 17.00Mid
Cut DownB+47.00Low
Double TapF+4N/AN/A
Painful PokeD+43.00Low
Aerial Attacks
Quick SwipeFU+17.00Mid
BleedingFU+1 – 22.55Overhead
Spirit SpikeFU+1 – 2 – 29.00Overhead
Hilting FlowerFU+27.00Mid
Blooming BladeFU+2 – 22.55Overhead
BootedFU+2 – 2 – 47.00Overhead
Flying BootFU+3 OR FU+49.00Mid
Sento Aerial Attacks (D – B – 1)
Quick SliceFU+17.00Overhead
Losing BloodFU+1 – 13.00Overhead
Deep CutsFU+1 – 1 – 27.00Overhead
Upper GashFU+27.00Overhead
TreatedFU+2 – 33.00Overhead
Falling ApartFU+2 – 3 – 47.00Overhead
Foot FrenzyFU+3 OR FU+49.00Overhead
ShoveF+L1 OR F+1+311.00Throw
Deep TissueL1 OR 1+311.00Throw
Kombo BreakerF+R2N/AN/A

Kenshi Special Moves

Attack NameInputDamageMove(Block) Type
Ancestral GuardD – F – 17.00Mid
Extend Ancestral GuardHold 1N/AN/A
Ancestral Guard (Cancel)L2N/AN/A
Soul ChargeB – F – 28.00Mid
Enhanced Soul ChargeB – F – 2+R211.00Mid
Demon DropD – B – 26.00Overhead
Enhanced Demon DropD – B – 2+R26.00Overhead
Close Demon DropD – B – 2, B6.00Overhead
Enhanced Close Demon DropD – B – 2+R2, B6.00Overhead
Far Demon DropD – B – 2, F6.00Overhead
Enhanced Far Demon DropD – B – 2+R2, F6.00Overhead
Rising KarmaB – F – 35.00Mid
Enhanced Rising KarmaB – F – 3+R29.00Mid
Force PushB – F – 47.00Mid
Charge Force PushHold 4N/AN/A
Enhanced Force PushB – F – 4+R29.00Mid
Enhanced Charge Force PushHold 4N/AN/A
Sento Stance (D – F – 1)
Summon AncestorD – F – 1N/AN/A
Spirit Bop1N/AN/A
Double Dose2N/AN/A
Lunging Soul3N/AN/A
Pekara Punish4N/AN/A
Banish AncestorD – F – 1N/AN/A
Spiritual AlignmentD – F – 2N/AN/A
Enhanced Spiritual AlignmentD – F – 2+R2N/AN/A
Soaring SentoD – F – 37.00Mid
Enhanced Soaring SentoD – F – 3+R27.00Mid
TeamworkD – F – 413.00Mid
Ancestral AssistD – F – 4+R218.00Mid
Fatal Blows
Two Heavens AssaultL2+R235.00Mid

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