We all go through stress, and sometimes we like to turn to video games to help alleviate it just a bit. There’s a never-ending plethora of games you can choose to indulge your time in. But perhaps you don’t really know where to start? That’s where this list comes in. I have compiled another top 10 list of games that can help you relax and smile. The order isn’t particularly based on the most fun, rather, it’s just an easy numerical listing for the sake of readability. Let’s get started.

10. Donut County

Yum, donuts. Unfortunately, in the game Donut County, no one is craving these delicious pastries as their whole town is becoming full of holes! This quirky and lighthearted game provides fun and unique puzzles as you navigate through different stories and experiences of the citizens, and how they ended up swallowed by the giant holes. You take control of different holes as you try to swallow up fences, cars, buildings, and even citizens! It’s quite hilarious. And it’s one of those games that just takes you out of the daily stress of life and puts a smile on your face.

Donut County is available on IOS, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

9. Story of Seasons

Story of Seasons (once known as Harvest Moon) is one of the earliest foundations of farming games. It would be a crime to not recommend the series. While A Wonderful Life is listed above, I believe you can’t truly go wrong with the other titles in the series. A Wonderful Life just so happens to be the latest installment that also happens to be a remake. If you would like to read our review, you can check it out here.

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is available on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

8. Untitled Goose Game

I feel like this game needs no formal introduction. Developed by studio House House, Untitled Goose Game is another one of those games that just made a splash when it was initially released. You play as a goose and go through a series of stealthy “missions” and ultimately pick on the humans you come across. It’s an absolute hoot of a game that will make you laugh and smile. Plus, look how cute that goose is!

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Untitled Goose Game is available on PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series One, and Nintendo Switch.

7. Parkasaurus

Parkasaurus is an adorable zoo-tycoon simulator game developed by Washbear Studios. It’s exactly what you see in the trailer above. You can run a wide variety of different parks all in different types of environments. Different species of googly-eyed dinosaurs are available to you to add to your park. Plus, you can give them silly and cute costumes. It’s made even funnier if you “accidentally” use the wrong types of encasements to keep them in. What ensues is a hilarious spectacle of these bug-eyed, dopey-looking T-rexes wearing cheese hats running rampant around the park. Good times.

Parkasaurus is available for PC and Nintendo Switch.

6. I Love You, Colonel Sanders

One thing you should know about me as a gamer, is that I love Otome games. I’m not ashamed of it and I never will be. But I haven’t chosen your typical Japanese romance visual novel. No, no, the game I’ve chosen to add to the list is so ridiculous that it’s absolutely a genius piece of work. I Love You, Colonel Sanders is an officially licensed Otome-style game from KFC. Yes, you read that right. Your character and your best friend are students that have enrolled in a special culinary school. You take a special interest in your classmate, the infamous Colonel Sanders.

What ensues is a non-stop anime parody that will make you laugh, gasp, and forget your worries of the day. Oh, and did I mention the game is free?

I Love You, Colonel Sanders is available on PC.

5. Growing Up

Vile Monarch’s Growing Up is an example of a game that I like to call an underrated gem. It’s a game I stumbled upon one day while on YouTube. You name your character, and you play through infancy all the way to adulthood. You pick and choose what career path you want to pursue. On the way, you meet a variety of different students that may or may not impact your life in a major way! What’s more, once your character graduates high school, they get married, and they have a child of their own. That child starts the new game, and you go through a similar process but get completely different results.

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While this game may seem quite simple, you can easily spend hours upon hours discovering all the different routes your character can explore. I highly recommend it.

Growing up is available on PC and IOS.

4. Sneaky Sasquatch

Okay, hear me out on this one. I never go for games on the IOS. But when I saw this trailer pop up on my recommendations list, I just had to check it out. Once again, YouTube surprises me, because I just cannot get enough of this quirky game. You play as…Sasquatch. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. You get into all kinds of shenanigans and go on different adventures. You save your forest home, you get a job, go skiing, become a police officer. You can do it all!

This game is pretty much the only reason I subscribed to Apple Arcade. It’s that much fun and it’s another amazing game to relax and have a nice laugh.

Sneaky Sasquatch is available only on IOS.

3. Touch Detective

Touch Detective is a special game near and dear to my heart. It was originally released on the Nintendo DS in the States back in 2007. You play as quirky young detective name Mackenzie. She has her own private detective agency that she runs with her butler and assistant Funghi, who is a fungus (yes, really). Mackenzie gets wrapped up in all sorts of kooky cases that range from catching a dream thief to an attempted assault on a flea who works at the circus. Yes, a flea gets assaulted at the circus.

There are three games in the series. Unfortunately, only the first two have been localized. Unless you are on the Japanese app store, you cannot play this on the IOS. For some reason, Beeworks removed the original Touch Detective from the US app store including from the American Nintendo Store. If you ever come across this game, I would highly recommend you pick it up.

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Touch Detective is available to American audiences on the Nintendo DS.

2. My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock is studio Pathea’s sequel to My Time at Portia. I couldn’t help but put another “farming” simulation on this list. Except this one definitely stands out from its other contenders. You play as a builder whose special talent is to be able to create anything from scratch. Your customizable character takes a job in the struggling desert town of Sandrock. There you will meet a colorful cast of characters to befriend and to even woo. The game is very relaxing, but it also has quite a bit of action elements mixed in there, too. What’s more, the main story is quite engaging. Mystery, intrigue, and a possible saboteur who wants to shut down Sandrock for good!

The trailer above states that the release date is in the summer. Unfortunately, the release date has been pushed back to November 2, 2023. But you can still buy the game early access.

My Time at Sandrock will be available on November 2, 2023 on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

1. Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver was developed by Korean studio Mint Rocket. It is an absolute smash hit in the indie game genre. I can’t think of a game any more perfect for relaxing and destressing. The pixel art is beautiful, the gameplay is engaging, and the humor is hilarious. We have a review for the game right here on the site if you wish to check it out. But I sincerely can’t recommend it enough if you’re looking for something different.

Dave the Diver is available on PC.

There’s my personal top 10 games to play whenever you want to relax. If you want more, you can check out another top 10 game list right here.

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