The new season of Modern Warfare 3 has finally been released with some new features for players to try out. Along with the new content being added to multiplayer and Warzone, there are also some new features available for zombies fans. There is plenty of new information to go over for this season of modern warfare zombies with the addition of a new wonder weapon, new gameplay features, and more. 

Story Additions

Modern Warfare Zombies Dark Aether story

For those that have completed all three acts of the story, a fourth act has been added to continue the Dark Aether storyline. This new act brings a set of story missions that will eventually lead to investigating a gateway opening up in the Exclusion Zone.

Completing Act IV of the story will allow players access to a hidden quest. This hidden quest will unlock a new feature called Dark Aether Rifts. These rifts add a new challenge, involving completing objectives in intense situations, for already experienced players to face if they feel up to the task. However, players will only be allowed to stay inside the Dark Aether to complete their objectives within a limited time each time they enter.

New Weapons

V-R11 Wonder Weapon in Modern Warfare Zombies

Fans of the Call of the Dead zombies map in Call of Duty: Black Ops will remember the V-R11 wonder weapon that was introduced back then. For new players that are unfamiliar, this weapon has the ability to transform zombies back into their human form. However, there are a few changes to this weapon that were not present in its previous iteration. In this game, it seems that shooting friendly players with this weapon will give them a boost, and shooting any humans that were turned from zombies will turn them into a friendly zombie.

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Some new acquisitions are also available for players to find all over Urzikstan along with their schematics. The Dog Bone is a consumable that will spawn in a friendly Hell Hound to help survive against the hordes of zombies until it runs out of health. Another consumable is the Golden Armor Plate which allows armor plates to automatically regenerate over time. Last but not least, there is the Aether Blade that acts as an unlimited use throwing knife that will target and lock onto multiple enemies and always return after being thrown. Players will have to scour the map in order to find each of these items. 


Players who have already made it to rank 55 will be happy to know that Prestige Ranks are now available to progress through. Leveling up to rank 56 will unlock the first Prestige. Getting the first prestige will also unlock challenges in the zombies mode that players can progress through in order to unlock special calling cards. 

Modern Warfare 3 is out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC

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