The new season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone is OUT NOW, including new maps, weapons, and a fully loaded Battle Pass. While a new Battle Pass is always something fans look forward to, this season’s is exceptional and filled with high-quality content. In fact, we believe it may be the best and most valuable in franchise history. Players have grown accustomed to getting a new Operator or two in the Battle Pass each season, but this season brings a full squad of 4 NEW Operators into the fray, and two of them are much-requested fan favorites.

Shadow Company Commander and CEO Phil Graves and one of its most mysterious Operators, Velikan, return from the MW2 Campaign and Modern Warfare 2019‘s 5th Season respectively. Task Force 141 gets plenty of love too with several new skins for fan-favorite operators. Last but not least, two new ranged weapons are coming; the FR Avancer Assault Rifle and the Carrack .300 Sniper Rifle. Veterans of the franchise might recognize these two as reimaginings of the iconic Famas and WA2000. Having so much to unlock is exciting but can feel overwhelming to players, so we’ll break down the best items to unlock and the fastest paths to them here.

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The BlackCell Battle Pass Upgrade

First, we have to address the elephant in the room. In spite of its controversy (and $29.99 price tag) the BlackCell Battle Pass Upgrade does provide an additional value for players looking to unlock the Battle Pass’ best items fast. Aside from the cosmetic items listed, players also net 20 tier skips, plus an additional 5 on PlayStation. As an added bonus, players get a BlackCell exclusive starting point in the Battle Pass map which grants them closer proximity to some of the best items.

Picking A Side

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This Season’s Battle Pass is effectively broken up into 3 sections. The first section is a neutral vertical column in the center that includes your starting points. The BlackCell entry point is on the North side of the map, and the standard starting point is at the very South.

When they purchase the standard Battle Pass, players will get immediate access to a few items, including the most sought-after new Operator, Commander Graves. There are an additional few Tiers for those who go with BlackCell, including the new Arthur Operator, and a talking gun charm that speaks to the player as they use weapons with it equipped in-game. From there, players can decide if they want to start moving through the map to the left or right, for Task Force 141 and Shadow Company-themed rewards respectively.

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The Shortest Paths to the Best Loot

Modern Warfare 2, MW2, Warzone, Season 5, Season 5 Battle Pass, Battle Pass

With BlackCell

  • Graves (BlackCell) – Rewarded immediately upon purchasing BlackCell.
  • FR Avancer Blueprint – Go to the E19 Sector immediately to the left of the starting point and unlock all the other items to unlock the Weapon Blueprint HVT. This will only unlock the blueprint, not the base weapon.
  • Carrack.300 Blueprint – Go to the E20 Sector immediately to the right of the starting point. The same rules apply as they did for the FR Avancer.
  • “The Rook” Ghost Skin – BlackCell Start -> E19 -> E17
  • Velikan Operator – BlackCell Start -> E20 -> E18

With the Standard Battle Pass

  • Graves – Rewarded immediately upon purchasing the Battle Pass
  • FR Avancer (Base) – Start -> E2 -> E6 -> E8
  • Carrack.300 (Base) – Start -> E2 -> E3 -> E5 -> E7
  • “The Rook” Ghost Skin – Start -> E2 -> E3 -> E5 -> E7 -> E17
  • Velikan Operator – Start -> E2 -> E6 -> E8 -> E18

Overall, Season 5’s Battle Pass is an excellent, but overwhelming, offering. While I’ll always have a soft spot for the iconic members of 141, I’m personally most excited about the Shadow Company content. I’ve been sporting the same Shadow Company Mil-Sim Operator since Season 1, so having some new operators and skins for my favorite faction is a huge plus. Let us know in the comments or Tweet @AwesomeGameCast what skins and weapons you’re most excited about.

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If you’re looking forward to even more Call of Duty content, including COD 2023, you can read about the franchises’ next entry here.

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone are available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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