MLB The Show 22 launched it’s third Featured Program today with another “push the button” stream. There’s lots of good stuff to get, including a mystery boss if you progress far enough through the program. Our MLB The Show Tips series has you covered on everything to expect from the new program.

If you’re a Philadelphia Phillies fan, you’ll be especially happy, as this Featured Program is largely a celebration of your favorite team. Called the Halladay and Friends Program, it is loaded with Phillies stars of yesteryear, leading up to an awesome 94 OV Roy Halladay card as the program boss.

Here’s everything you need to know going into the 3rd Featured Program in MLB The Show 22:

What’s a Featured Program?

In MLB The Show 22, Featured Programs combined and replaced the Innings Programs, Team Affinity, and Daily Challenges from MLB The Show 21. Condensing and streamlining these programs into one central program allows players to earn more rewards on one path by earning XP in any game mode – online or offline.

Whatever mode you play in MLB The Show 22, you will earn XP towards the current Featured Program. Playing in Diamond Dynasty is most beneficial, because you will likely be working towards other challenges that award XP bonuses too.

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MLB The Show 22 Halladay and Friends Featured Program Reward Path

As you earn XP and progress through the program, you’ll earn lots of cool items. These could be new players, packs, stubs, cosmetics, or something else.

Here’s what you’ll earn as you work your way through the Halladay and Friends Featured Program (Diamond cards in bold):

LevelRequired XPProgram Reward
15000Legend Icon Pack & 500 Stubs
210,00069 OV Roy Halladay Rookie & 1000 Stubs
315,000Legend Bat Skin Pack & 500 Stubs
420,000Silver Stars Pack & 500 Stubs
530,00067 OV Ryan Howard Veteran & 1000 Stubs
635,000Classic Stadium Pack
740,00085 OV Classics Choice Pack
850,00080 OV Carlos Delgado Breakout
960,000Blue Jays Alternate Home 2006 & 1000 Stubs
1065,0002016 Phillies Alternate Home & 1000 Stubs
1170,00083 OV Chase Utley All Star
1280,0001 MLB The Show Pack
1390,00084 OV Roy Halladay Breakout
14100,0005 MLB The Show Packs
15110,00085 OV Shane Victorino All Star
16120,0001 Headliners Set 10 Pack
17130,00087 OV Roy Halladay All Star & 1500 Stubs
18140,0001 Headliners Set 11 Pack
19150,00087 OV Roy Oswalt Veteran &1500 Stubs
20160,0001 Headliners Set 12 Pack
21170,00090 OV Cole Hamels 2nd Half & 1500 Stubs
22180,0001 Headliners Set 13 Pack
23190,0002 Ballin’ Is A Habit Packs
24200,00095 OV Roy Halladay Postseason & 1500 Stubs
25210,0001 Headliners Set 14 Pack
26225,0005 MLB The Show Packs
27240,0001 Big Dog Set 1 Pack
28255,0002 Headliners Set 15 Packs
29270,0001 MLB The Show Cover Athletes Pack
30285,0002 Headliners Set 10 Packs
31300,0002 Ballin’ Is A Habit Packs
32325,0001 Big Dog Set 2 Packs
33340,0001 Takashi Okazaki 88 OV Legends Choice Pack
34360,0002 Headliners Set 11 Packs
35380,0003 Ballin’ Is A Habit Packs
36400,0001 Big Dog Set 3 Pack
37425,0005 MLB The Show Packs
38450,0005 MLB The Show Packs
39475,0005 MLB The Show Packs
40500,0005 MLB The Show Packs

MLB The Show Tips: How To Earn XP Fast

The best way to earn XP quickly in MLB The Show is to complete challenges in the Featured Program. These can be new conquest maps, showdowns, or daily challenges.

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When you do this, you’ll earn XP for the actual games you’re playing and get an XP bonus once you complete the conquest, showdown, or challenge. Some, like conquest, often have an XP bonus of 30,000 XP.

Don’t hesitate to get started on the MLB The Show 22 Halladay & Friends Featured Program. It only runs for two weeks. That means you only have until June 3 to earn the 200,000 XP and get the Roy Halladay card.

For more on MLB The Show 22, make sure to check back regularly!

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