The summer of Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 23 is in full swing, and we’re here once again to break down some choice packs you’ll encounter along your journey to the elusive World Series rank in Ranked Seasons. 

Speaking of World Series, today we’ll be looking at the latest choice pack for reaching World Series rank or acquiring 100 stars in the Ranked Seasons. This time around, your choices are:

“Chef G” (Gerrit Cole)- SP- New York Yankees

The lone starting pitcher of this pack, the Yankees stud comes in sporting a fairly standard spread, with a four-seamer touching 99, but without Outlier 1 unfortunately. For whatever reason, Cole cards are not very popular in Diamond Dynasty, which I think can be mostly attributed to his lack of meta-friendly secondary pitches, when hitters can sit on that very straight, hittable fastball. 

“The Hawk” (Andre Dawson)- CF/LF,RF- Washington Nationals

This year’s Andre Dawson card offers a fairly balanced offensive and defensive toolkit, with an 88 Speed to boot. There are also some nice active quirks here, with Dead-Red being the one to look for with most hitters in Diamond Dynasty. The stats vs righties leaves a bit to be desired, but with the new Sets and Seasons system coming into effect soon, I could certainly justify using this type of card near the bottom of lineups as the game cycle powers on.

Carlos Correa- SS/3B- Houston Astros

This Correa card has nearly identical hitting stats to the Dawson card, but its real strength lies in its elite defensive stats at the most important position, which makes it all the more valuable. Access to Dead-Red and an above average 73 speed certainly do not hurt, either.

So, who ya taking?

My personal pick from this pack would be the Carlos Correa, if only because we haven’t yet seen the usual deluge of elite shortstops rolled out quite yet. The defense is elite, the hitting definitely plays at this point in the cycle, and the speed is more than adequate.

As a whole, this pack probably won’t do a lot for players, mainly due to its predecessor containing two very strong and usable cards. But, as mentioned above, some, if not all of these cards will be viable in less than a month when Season 3 begins, and you start to see Set 1 cards being phased out of lineups. 

MLB The Show 23 is available now on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox Game Pass.

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