Out of every North American sport, baseball has the most history and tradition. That’s part of what makes Diamond Dynasty such a popular mode in the MLB The Show franchise, as it allows players to build teams combining the best players of all time with the stars of today. The mode’s biggest detractors love to say that it’s the same mode every year, but sets and seasons in MLB The Show 23 look to change even the most skeptical gamer’s mind.

I play a lot of MLB The Show, and I plan to spend an utterly irresponsible amount of time in MLB The Show 23’s Diamond Dynasty. If you play a lot of Ranked Seasons games as I do, the feeling of your lineup not changing very often can be a familiar one. I wanted to play other players, but they didn’t give me the best chance to win. Now, Seasons and Sets will allow everyone to use many different lineups without punishment.

How Seasons and Sets Work in MLB The Show 23

The biggest reason for introducing Seasons is the change in how content will be rolled out in MLB The Show 23. In previous years, we have always gotten quality of content in phases. Early on, the best cards would be 88-90 overall, and over time we’d build to the 99-overall God Squads. The problem, however, is that we often got those outstanding 99-overall players in September, October, or even later. Let’s be honest: only a few players are still investing the time needed to get those cards six months into the cycle.

Now, in MLB The Show 23, 99-overall players will be available on March 28 when the game launches. It’s an excellent development for Diamond Dynasty, but it increases the likelihood that everyone will use the same team all year.

Enter Seasons, which will be 4-8 week phases of MLB The Show 23. Seasons aren’t the same as Featured Programs, Events, or Battle Royale. Instead, Seasons govern how the released content is classified throughout MLB The Show 23.

How Will Sets Work?

  • Every card released in Season 1 = Set 1 cards
  • Every card released in Season 2 = Set 2 cards
  • Every card released in Season 3 = Set 3 cards

Live Series cards and Live Series Collection rewards will be considered Core items and are compatible with cards from any season.

During each season, you will have to adjust your lineup to make it qualify.

  • Season 1 – Set 1 cards and Core
  • Season 2 – Set 1, Set 2, and Core
  • Season 3 – Set 2, Set 3, Core, and a Wild Card

Expect the qualifying Sets to continue to get adjusted in Season 4 and beyond. But, ultimately, this is a creative way to allow players to have really strong teams right away, but still give all of us something to continue to work for as the game progresses.

MLB The Show 23 is coming March 28 on PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It is available on Day 1 as part of Xbox Game Pass.

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